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Dear Auntyji

My husband has been trying to get his business off the ground, and it has been a long struggle for us. But after three years, we have turned the corner and he was so happy he started to tear up as he told me that he was going to be successful. Then, he whipped out his phone, took a picture of himself with all his aansoo in his aankhen and posted it on LinkedIn. And while there are over a thousand comments on there which are good and encouraging, there are some comments that are a little hurtful. I thought LinkedIn was supposed to be a supportive community for business professionals and now my husband’s feelings are hurt by some of these comments. What kind of kaminey post negative comments on LinkedIn? Also do you have advice on how I can make my husband feel better and how he should ignore these jealous comments?

Auntyji says

You ask what type of kaminey post negative comments on LinkedIn? Well, jahils like your husband, for a start. LinkedIn is not Facebook; it is a global platform for business professionals and it transcends borders because anyone can see anything.

I really wish I knew what your husband was thinking when he whipped out his phone to record his ronadhona instead of acknowledging the importance of turning the corner for his business. Then when he posted that on LinkedIn, I don’t know what he expected would happen.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that while there is much groupthink and there are a lot of messages that are bland and anodyne, there is also some information that demonstrates a diversity of thought. And this reflects the human condition.

There are just as many different opinions as there are people, and so your foolish husband posting pictures of his tears while others virtue-signalled by offering support or congratulations kept his post lowbrow. He deserved those cutting comments because – well, who cares about his tears? Did you post your tears when you gave birth to your children or passed your exams? The tears in your husband’s post became a self-indulgent, overdone act of vanity.

What would have made his post compelling and authentic was if he had talked about the hardship of the journey, or some of his learnings that would have helped others. What a rothlu you have married. I hope his business idea is based on producing tissues – because then, he can be his own No. 1 customer.

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