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Caller checkmate!

Discovering a new technique of avoiding conversations from call centre operators has been a delightful experience, writes SHERYL DIXIT

COVID notwithstanding, celebrating our milestone wedding anniversary with bubbly

At the end of this month, I am (oops, we are) celebrating a milestone in our lives...

Facebook friends or fiends?

Of all the neurotics on social media sites, some distinct ones can’t help but be annoying, writes DEBBIE FERNS

Quack it!

Both my parents are certified quacks who take great pride in their own brand of home remedies...

Road rage desi style

Road rage desi style

Shashi Tharoor: Humour is a big risk in political world

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is giving comedy a shot for the first time with "One Mic Stand", and says embracing stand-up...

Desi parents say the darndest things

We hear and ignore words of wisdom from our elders all the time, but actually listening can help improve your life. By SHAFEEN MUSTAQ