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After surviving Term One of Year 7, the holidays are a chance to refresh and work on some fun projects

Have you heard the saying, ‘Every day you learn something new’? Well, let me tell you it feels so true for me right now! Over Term One of Year 7 I learned so many things – at a pace faster than I could keep up with, to be honest. I feel like I’ve finally got the hang of how to submit assignments and get from class to class, but my biggest relief is that I get a break from that! I can’t believe I made it through Term One so successfully! I got over my fear of starting high school.
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My last week of school did not at all seem that way. All the results were coming back and assessments were due too. It was just madness. Another thing that was rather scary more than mad was YEAR 7 VACCINATIONS! The whole idea of vaccinations freaked me out but the actual injection was nothing. Be warned though, afterwards your arm hurts… a lot!
Just the thought of holidays excites me so I’m glad that the school holidays finally came! In primary school I used to take holidays for granted. Not this time! Over the holidays I have really had a blast: a trip to the south coast, making home videos with my sister and cousin, and cosy mornings reading in bed.
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An interesting project I worked on was a DIY home library. It was so much fun to implement a system after learning about it. I made an inventory by logging every book at home and classified them into categories. The biggest upside was I improved my Microsoft Excel skills. I also enjoyed shopping with my birthday money and reinventing my wardrobe for the cooler season. I wish the holidays were longer sometimes.

Term 1 year 7.Indian Link
DIY home library

The other thing I have been doing in my holiday time is practicing and revising NAPLAN booklets. It’s been a while since last time, back when I was in Year 5. I have heard many new things have been introduced to the NAPLAN test results and the bands in them. I’m a bit nervous but Mum says we’ll deal with it as we go.
I hope Term 2 goes well with no panic attacks in the middle of the night about homework. Back to school in Term 2 and I’m getting ready to wear the winter uniform. I heard all the old girls mention that it’s impossible to get on and very uncomfortable, but I think it’s very exciting! I’ve never worn a tie before!

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