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How to maintain your productivity and make the most of online semesters.

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With most universities moving to online learning, here are some tips for students to stay on top of their game without the structure of a classroom.

  1. Do your readings

While it might sound like basic advice, it can be quite difficult to stay focused on studies during these unpredictable times. You might feel disinterested when there is so much news troubling you.

The best way to handle this is to plan ahead. Take it one step at a time by downloading course materials beforehand. Allot one or two hours a day to go through the requirements of upcoming classes in the week. Make notes and prepare just like you would on a normal weekday. You could even incentivise yourself with snacks or an episode of a TV show if you complete your work on time.

2. Try to re-create a classroom setting

In an ordinary classroom, it can be difficult to doze off with a professor sitting in front of you. Try to maintain that same approach to online learning! Keeping your camera and microphone on forces you to be an active member of the lesson. And just like in an ordinary classroom, keep your phone on silent and away from you to avoid distractions.

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3. Maintain a healthy routine

With just your torso seen on camera during online learning, you might be tempted to change into a comfortable pair of pajamas and laze in bed. To be more productive, treat these quarantine days like any day – wake up at an appropriate time, take a shower, and dress in clothes that you would wear to campus. Also attempt to attend Zoom lessons in the same class hours as usual.

4. Create a calendar of upcoming assignments

While developing a new routine of life indoors, no one would really blame you for losing track of days. The best way to stay on point is to create a calendar of tasks. Put your class timings, upcoming assignments, and any necessary group meetings so the dates are available to you at a glance. Some people also find it useful to make a ‘To-Do’ list every day to ensure they stay productive.

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5.Stay in touch with classmates

Apart from working together on group assignments, your classmates constitute a major part of the classroom experience. When you’ve been indoors for days at a stretch with little outside interaction, or you’re feeling de-motivated about a certain class, reach out to your classmates. Send them a text or ask if they’d like to video chat. You’d be pleasantly surprised by the power of community!

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Rhea L Nath
Rhea L Nath
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