Ridiculous, have had no issues with Rohit: Virat Kohli

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India skipper Virat Kohli quashed rumours of a rift in the team, saying he is baffled by talks of things not going well between him and Vice-Captain Rohit Sharma.
“In my opinion, it’s baffling, to be honest. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read such stuff that comes out. I have been to a few public events and the public sentiment is aap log kya khele (you guys played so well)’. We have so much respect.”
“We are feeding off lies. We are overlooking facts. We are turning a blind eye to all the good things that have happened. We are creating fantasies and scenarios in our head and want to accept that this is the truth,” Kohli said while addressing the pre-departure media conference here ahead of the West Indies tour.

Kohli.Indian Link
Virat Kohli with Rohit Sharma

“I have seen this for too long now. Bringing personal lives into the picture. It’s disrespectful after a moment. We’ve had no issues. If I don’t like somebody, it shows on my face. I have also heard a lot in past few days, but if the team atmosphere isn’t good, we couldn’t have played well,” Kohli insisted.
“You enter the dressing room and witness for yourself the kind of healthy atmosphere that’s there. The lies are made to look like they are believable,” he stressed.
India head coach Ravi Shastri also termed the rumours “nonsense”.
Kohli. Indian Link
Indian coach Ravi Shastri with Virat Kohli at the press conference. (Photo: IANS)

“The way the team plays, no individual is bigger than the team. The way they play is in the interest of the game. You cannot have that consistency if there is a rift or whatever,” he added.
A Committee of Administrators (CoA) member had told IANS that the committee wouldn’t react to rumours of rift till the players approached them.
The trouble apparently started brewing post the loss to England in the World Cup. The bowling unit supposedly felt humiliated post a team meeting after the defeat in the group-stage encounter.

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