Jaggards announce a new release medallion for Diwali

A trusted name in precious metals Jaggards has announced their first annual Diwali 2022 bullion

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Jaggards, Sydney’s prestigious bullion dealer, is celebrating Diwali 2022 for the first year. The company will commemorate this auspicious event with a grand offer. This will make bullion more accessible during a period with strong significance in Hindu culture for yielding abundance, prosperity, and luck.

“We have strong ties with the Indian community and are proud of our ability to contribute to cultural events such as Diwali, a holiday celebrated by many of our customers, ” Jaggards Managing Director Hercules Tsoutsas said at the launch. “As part of this year’s festivities, we hope to bring our customers closer to an auspicious future.”

Jaggards have released the annual Diwali 1oz silver gilded medallion produced by the world-renowned Perth Mint. The commemorative medallion features a beautifully detailed image of Lakshmi and Ganesha, with the markings “Happy Diwali”.

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The Perth Mint has created this medallion specifically with its customers in mind. Composed of 99.99% pure silver metal content and 24-karat gold external gilding, this medallion is a harmonic balance of cultural identity and consumer appeal.

Hercules says, “We’re excited to bring the Diwali festivities to light with savings on bullion as part of this celebration and an abundance of availability across product ranges.”

Jaggards is a precious metals dealer based in Sydney. Operating since 1963, it has been unlocking the power of precious metals investment for close to 60 years now.

As one of the leading asset classes, precious metal commodities preserve and yield wealth for better financial well-being.

With a product and brand range of the most sought-after LMBA brands, Jaggards makes buying and selling bullion accessible, and achievable for all Australians.

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Operating out of Sydney CBD, customers can purchase in a discreet location or for ultimate convenience online with Australia-wide shipping.

As part of the Festival of Lights campaign, customers will save a minimum of $10 per transaction when purchasing the Diwali Medallion and any Perth Mint gold minted bar in combination. The offer provides unlimited redemption, so greater quantities come with greater savings.

The Perth Mint gold minted bars are available in a range of weights from 1 gram to 100 grams, accommodating budgets of all sizes.

This offer is now available in-store (Level 8, 74 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000) and online at jaggards.com.au and will be valid until 31 October 2022.

Whether you’re purchasing for your household, a relative, a friend or a colleague, the commemorative Jaggards Diwali medallion provides a meaningful and bespoke gift this Diwali.

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