Are you Fortune’s first MasalaChef?

A new cooking contest is announced!

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Get those aprons out, sharpen those knives… and be in the running to win $2000!

The first-ever Indian cooking competition is about to take off in Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s MasalaChef, presented by Fortune and powered by Indian Link.

We’re calling upon all amateur chefs to create your favourite homemade Indian dish, and to challenge your culinary skills in the kitchen.

Here’s your opportunity to showcase the complex flavours and diversity of India’s world-famous cuisine!

How to WIN

Round 1: 10 June – 6 July 2021

Get your phone out and send us a video of you creating your favourite dish. It should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Share your name, where you are from and what your dish tastes like. Why is this a special dish to you? You don’t need to share your top-secret recipe – we just want to be able to taste the spices on our tongue and smell the fragrance through the screen!

We want you to not only create a delicious dish but showcase all the memories associated with it. There is a story behind every homemade recipe that has been passed down or created. It could be the biryani that brings you happiness, or the sabji that comforts your soul.

Head on over to www.masalachef.com.au to enter. Entries close 6 July.

The Top 30 contestants will be selected from the video entries.

Round 2: 17 July 2021 (Sydney) and 18 July 2021 (Melbourne)

This round, you will be able to get out from behind the screen and let us taste your creations in real life. You will bring your video entry dish, cooked at home, to our venue. You’ll also bring your own plates, garnishes and enough food for four of our judges to taste. There will be provisions for you to heat up the food and plate it, but no other preparation will be allowed at the venue. You will be judged on the taste, presentation and the story behind your creation.

The Top 6 contestants will move on to the next round.

fortune masala chef

Round 3: 31 July 2021 (Sydney) and 1 August 2021 (Melbourne)

This will be a test of your skills – how well can you perform under pressure? We didn’t say this would be an ordinary competition!

In this round, you will have an hour to prepare two courses from the open pantry in our well-stocked and fitted out professional kitchen. No outside ingredient will be allowed. (There will be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options to choose from.) You will be judged on your ability to perform under pressure, your culinary skills and the presentation of your dishes. Did we mention, your judges will be experts in cooking and tasting!

Two finalists each will be chosen in Sydney and Melbourne.

Round 4: 7 August 2021 (Sydney)

The last and ultimate cook-off will be between the top four contestants, including the two finalists from Melbourne who will be flown to Sydney. The four contestants’ culinary skills will be the ultimate decider for this round.

In this final round, the Top 4 will prepare a 3-course meal with only the ingredients from a mystery box. You will have 75 minutes to prepare an entree, main course and a dessert.

Everything for the cook-off will be provided. You will be judged on the cohesiveness of your three dishes, your creativity, the taste and the plating. The judges will be a surprise you won’t be expecting!

The winner, Fortune’s First MasalaChef will take home the First Prize of $2000. The Runner Up will receive a prize of $500.

We know you have been brushing up on your cooking skills during the pandemic. It’s time now to show off those skills and shine in the arc lights.

So have you got a dish to make the neighbours come knocking? Enter Fortune’s first MasalaChef contest! Check out all the details at www.masalachef.com.au

fortune masala chef

Who can enter

This competition is open to anyone and everyone, as long as you are not in the hospitality industry, or have a background in professional cooking.

Presented by Fortune

Helping you sail through this cooking adventure, will be Fortune’s top-quality ingredients.

Fortune believes in providing you access to the best quality ingredients for your cooking adventures. You don’t have to be a professional to create tantalising food, you just need the best

ingredients. Fortune has the best range of products for everyday cooking with different types of rice and top sourced cooking oils to cater for those special events, shared with the people you love.

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