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We raid our mums’ wardrobes to create a unique Mother’s Day tribute

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It was my first major social event after my recent wedding, and I wanted to make a splash. Raided Mum’s wardrobe, and picked this one. It’s a heavy sari and I’ve only seen her wear it once. Turns out, it was what she wore for her engagement, more than thirty years ago! It still retains its shine. Made me feel special as soon as I draped it. Thank you, Mum, it was an absolute honour. I love you


I watched one night as Mum looked through her saris, trying to pick one to wear for an event the next day. I spotted this lilac one and fell in love with the colour. I asked if I could wear it some day. She said, “It’s a very old sari, in an old design; look at the new ones I have.” I looked, but came back to this one. She tied it on me for a friend’s wedding weeks later. She was amazed at how nice it looked. Mum always picks the nicest saris – I know where I’ll be going when I want to wear a sari next.


Honestly, I never ever thought I’d be into saris. Decided on a whim one day that I’d like to wear one, for no special reason. Mum was thrilled to bits. (And a bit disappointed I think, that I didn’t pick from her glam collection or her silk favourites!) Anyway, she put this one on me as I stood unmoving, while she flitted around me like a butterfly. Then she added accessories and did some make up…. and I felt like a star! Can you tell I was in shorts about an hour before this shot was taken?


Mother's day
Kirti Mahajan and mum Charu (Source: Supplied)


“This yellow sari will bring out your personality and brighten your smile,” my mum told me when we bought it together. Today, draping this beautiful piece makes me feel she’s right here with me, even though she’s a continent away. I miss you, Mum, but I’m so grateful you’re just a phone call away – talking to me when I’m lonely, sharing silly jokes, and discussing what we’ll be shopping for when we meet next.

Mother's day
Parina Johar and mum Ritu (Source: Supplied)


My mum’s all about beauty, grace and intelligence. You can tell, can’t you, by the way she’s draped her sari on me in this pic! I hope her sense of style – and her careful way of doing things – passes on to me.

Mum's Sari; Mother's day
Mehak Sikka Bhatnagar and mum Menakshi (Source: Supplied)


My love for Bollywood (and for saris) makes this one my favourite from my Mum’s (extensive!) collection of saris. Each time she wore it, I saw in her a Bollywood star. I wasn’t surprised at all when she presented it to me. But when I wore it, I realised it is her own charismatic charm, personality, and warmth the reflects in the yellow/gold of the sari. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mum – my hero, my bestie.

Mother's day
Radhika Bhatia and mum Jessica (Source: Supplied)


The sari in this pic, the first sari I ever wore, is one of my mother’s favourites. I had no idea how to wear it but with help from Mum and about ten safety pins, we got it on. The material is quite delicate, and I was terrified of ripping it. But it was so lovely to be able to share this (and hopefully many other saris) with her.

Mother's day; Mum's Sari
Rajni and son Manan Luthra (Source: Supplied)


I like this red and white number from my mum’s saris. She wore it to my Year 12 end-of-year dinner, and was the only woman in a sari on the night. She looked resplendent. My photo with her and dad from that occasion, sits on my desk and I see it every day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

Mum's Sari
Kaanchana Sekaran and mum Sivaganga (Source: Supplied)


The pleats of this sari tell the many stories of my mum and her magic. Growing up, I saw her light up rooms with how she carried herself, and now I get to share this shine by wearing her saris. Of course, I also love adding my own touch to how I wear the tales of this fabric. The sari more than mere metres of material; when we wear one, we actually don the chronicles of the many generations of women before us, allowing their legacy to live on. There have been many times Mum has raised an eyebrow at my tastes in style, but the few moments I see the sparkle in her eyes is when I’m clad in one of her saris. Our bond will remain timeless. Just like this sari.

Mum's Sari
Chandra and daughter Suhayla Sharif (Source: Supplied)


On many Bollywood movie nights, Mum and I find ourselves sitting and simply studying the fashion, like we are reporters at the MET Gala. At these moments I can safely say I am my mum’s daughter, and I have never been prouder to be. This is a lehenga that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on from the moment Mum stepped out in it. Even though I feel like a princess with just the privilege of wearing it, I know I could never compare to the queen she is when she chooses to grace the world in this future heirloom.

Mum's Sari
Lily Gabriel and mum Stella (Source: Supplied)


My mum is obsessed with saris. Everywhere she goes, she has to buy one! I love buying her saris too. Here I’m wearing one of her saris – simple yet elegant. I was lucky to have her drape it for me when I was in India recently. Thank you, Mum. For everything.

Mother's day; Mum's Sari
Sunraj Patel and mum Kanan (Source: Supplied)


Mum recently wore this sari at a wedding. She looked striking. I think blue is her colour. I’d like to buy her another blue sari one day. Soon! Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

mum's sari; mother's day
Lopamudra and daughter Torsha Sen (Source: Supplied)


Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the art of draping a sari. I used to watch Mum expertly drape hers – left me in awe. I’d use a dupatta and drape my own make-believe sari. Mum and I now share a collection of traditional Indian weaves from various parts of the country. And I still feel the same excitement as I did when I was young, every time I get to don the six yards. I am grateful to have inherited not just my Mum’s Sari collection but also her grace and skill in carrying the sari. Happy Mother’s Day, Maa!

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