How to be better at online dating

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Putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking and sometimes all you need is an act of kindness and a compassionate gesture for a comfortable dating experience.

A survey of modern singles will tell you that emotional connection and kindness top the charts, followed by empathy, as priorities when it comes to dating someone or choosing a potential partner in 2021.

While good looks and a charming attitude can secure dates on the apps, only the following methods will help you take them further and actually find love!

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Don’t be judgemental

One of the most important things about dating is making your partner feel like they can be themselves. Even though you might know your ‘type’ and have an imaginary checklist, no two people will share the same interests and ‘icks’.

So, keep an open mind when you’re meeting someone new. Approaching them with curiosity rather than judgement will help you make the best of that interaction.

Let them know that they can be themselves around you and you want to make them feel comfortable. If they’re having a moment of weakness, try not to judge them.

Respect boundaries

Be patient with people you are connecting with as you get to know them better. If someone has not responded to you, give them time and space to connect with you. They may have other priorities to attend to and this doesn’t immediately translate to them not being interested.

Give them the space to respond in their own time and get to know you when they can give you their full attention. Respecting someone’s boundaries is vital.

Respecting boundaries also means not pressuring your date to do something. For example, meeting at your house instead of a public place, pressuring them to be physically intimate before they are ready.

Don’t be a ghost

If you have been getting to know someone on a dating app and decide that they are not your type, be polite and honest about it – let them know you are not interested in taking things further. Perhaps you might just want to still be friends?

Just disappearing on them and not communicating what went wrong is quite hurtful.

If you think you’re letting them down easy by skipping the honesty, that’s not the case, you’re actually confusing them and perhaps even demotivating them from dating.

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Be a good listener

On a date, if someone is sharing something with you, be empathetic. You can do that by letting the other person talk and share without interrupting them. Once they have said their piece, you can add.

Communication is a two-way street, and relationships only grow when you both feel heard, seen, and understood.

Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude when in a relationship or while getting to know someone, goes a long way. Acknowledging someone in this way shows that you value their time and attention.

Incorporate small gestures like texting back thoughtfully instead of just a ‘k’, even a simple ‘thank you for your company’ after that first date will make your partner smile.

Being kind is an attractive trait!

Dating can feel difficult, and sometimes, simply impossible! But it’s only because you don’t have the tools to date, equipped with the above tips, now you should feel slightly more confident about online dating now.

Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated, kindly.

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