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Indian students who are planning to go to university could benefit from a UTS:INSEARCH diploma which can fast track them into the second year of a bachelor degree at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

UTS:INSEARCH teaches students the skills they need to succeed at university and in the workplace, while also providing pathways to UTS in business, communication, design and architecture, engineering, information technology and science.
“By choosing to study at UTS:INSEARCH first, students are provided with the foundations they need to succeed at university,”  said UTS:INSEARCH Dean of Studies, Professor Tim Laurence.
“There is a big difference between high school and university, and by studying at UTS:INSEARCH first, parents and students know they are getting the best start possible to their tertiary studies.”
One Indian student who is benefiting from studying at UTS:INSEARCH is Hariaum Punjani, who is currently studying a Diploma of Information Technology.
“There are many advantages to studying at UTS:INSEARCH. If international students don’t get the required IELTS score for their university degree, they can come to UTS:INSEARCH and study an Academic English Course, this is what I did,” said Mr Punjani.
“After studying English, you can go into the Diploma courses and as UTS:INSEARCH provides a pathway to UTS, students can go on to study their dream degrees. Because of these advantages I would definitely recommend UTS:INSEARCH.”
This year, Mr Punjani won the Dean’s Merit Prize, a $2,500 prize awarded to the full-time student who achieves the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) in their first semester in each of the Diploma programs.
“The prize is really important to me as it shows how much work I did in semester one. It also motivates me to continue achieving my goals,” said Mr Punjani, whose dream is to work in a computer-related field.
“So far, I have learnt communication skills and how to work effectively in teams. I have also developed my reading and writing skills and have learnt how to change my writing style to suit different formats such as report or essay writing.”
Students who are considering studying at UTS can visit the UTS:INSEARCH information booth during UTS Info Day on Tuesday, 5 January 2016 or register to attend an information session.
To learn more about UTS:INSEARCH, apply to study or attend an information session, visit INSEARCH.edu.au

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