Gin cocktail recipes to try now

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From classic martinis to fruity mixes, the brilliant bottle of gin can be versatile. Here’s how you can make some interesting gin cocktails with some easily available ingredients.

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Tanq & Tea

  • 60 ml Tanqueray gin
  • 120 ml Lemon honey tea (Brew 1 tea sachet in 150 ml of water and chill)
  • 15 ml Lime juice
  • 15 ml Honey water (2:1 honey to warm water)

Tanq Tea

Method Stir all the ingredient in a wine glass with ice
Garnish Lime wheel and fresh mint 

Gin, Jam & Biscuit cocktail

  • 60 ml gin
  • 2tsp Berry jam
  • 20 ml Lime juice
  • Top with tonic
Tanq Gin Jam

Method Build up all the ingredient in a tall glass. Stir the ingredients well to mix in the jam, top with ice, top with tonic, stir.
Garnish Fresh mint

Classic Tom Collins

Tanqueray Tom collins
  • 50ml gin
  • 1 Lime
  • 2-3 tsp sugar or 20 ml honey
  • Soda

Method Fill the shaker with ice cubes, add the gin and sweetener. Squeeze lime in, and shake well. Pour in a glass, top off your cocktail with soda!
Garnish Lime lice. Empty 300 gms jam or honey bottle. Works really cool for this drink. Fill in all the ingredients with ice, close the lid and shake. Open the lid, and you can start sipping right away. You can use jams, Rooh Afza, local sherbets as alternative sweeteners for some cool-looking drinks.


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