Find adventure in the Great Western Plains

Discover the great outdoors, Indigenous and colonial history, natural wonders, and an unforgettable introduction to the animal world.

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Whatever adventure you are chasing, you will find it in the Great Western Plains.

Explore some of the most unique destinations Australia has to offer – with Dubbo as your base.

Walk, ride, run or row – to discover the great outdoors. Whether you fly amongst the clouds, explore extensive marshes, climb the mountain ranges, or camp under a sky blanketed in stars, you’ll take home memories to last a lifetime.

Warrumbungle National Park, Source: Supplied

Delve into history, heritage and culture. Walk the footsteps of those who walked the plains millennia ago. Or explore more recent colonial history.

And then, get up close and personal with some animal friends, in a truly unforgettable experience.

Dubbo is a 5-6 drive from Sydney, or an hour-long flight. For many, the Taronga Western Plains Zoo is the headline event in a Dubbo visit. The safari adventure here is unparalleled in the country. See hundreds of rare and endangered animals in extra large enclosures that mimic their natura environments as far as possible. There are over 5,000 animals here, from over 350 species. Explore on foot or ride around on hired bikes or golf carts.

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Catch a keeper talk to learn more about the animals. Watch the Cheetahs bite into their meaty brunch as you learn about their extraordinary speed, unusual colour variations, and unique social hierarchy. Say hello to a Galapagos Tortoise and try and guess where it is on its 150-year lifetime. Come face-to-face with one of the Zoo’s resident hippos. Or you can have a close encounter of the tall kind – personally feed and photograph the gentle along the Giraffe Boardwalk.

For a truly matchless experience though, you’d want to stay overnight at the zoo. Imagine waking up to the roar of the lions, or an elephant trumpeting!

Zoofari Lodge, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, Source: Supplied

Book yourself into any of three options at Dubbo Zoo:

  • Zoofari Lodge where you can experience an African safari right in the heart of NSW. The multi-tourism award winning Zoofari Lodge offers an unrivalled in-zoo safari experience with accommodation in unique lodges, 10 of which are nestled on the edge of a vast savannah. Overlook Giraffe, Ostrich and Antelope from your deck during this wild escape which includes meals, accommodation, exclusive tours, two-day zoo entry and bike hire.
  • Savannah Cabins and spend the night in a stylish and comfortable self-contained cabin. Enjoy views of sprawling natural grassland right on your doorstep in this family friendly retreat.
  • Billabong Camp and camp under the stars and in close proximity to the all-new Lion Pride Lands! Hear the roar of the Lions at night and experience camping in the permanent tents located around a beautiful billabong.

Here are some other Dubbo adventures to choose from:

Old Dubbo Goal:  Walk in the footsteps of a 19th century prisoner. This State Heritage listed site has been carefully restored to create a pocket in time giving a glimpse into Australian prison history. Explore the eerie cells, take a stroll in the exercise yard and experience a bird’s-eye view from the watchtower.

Old Dubbo Gaol, Source: Supplied

Wellington Caves:  Australia’s prehistoric past is within reach at the incredible Wellington Caves. Unearth the mysteries of megafauna that once roamed the land, and find out what those miners were up to 100 years ago in the Phosphate Mine. Marvel at the 15m tall stalagmite in the Cathedral Cave and the delicate dripping stalactites in the Gaden Cave.

Wellington Caves and Phosphate Mine, Source: Supplied

Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience:  Touch down into the world of heroic doctors, nurses, pilots and outback communities with the Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience. Live each moment as they deliver urgent medical care across a 7.69 million square km ‘waiting room’ – the Australian outback. See through the eyes of unique outback characters and communities. Experience their stories and challenges across the vast Australian remote areas – as if you’re right there.

Dubbo Royal Flying Doctor Visitor Experience, Source: Supplied

Try a Dubbo adventure for you next weekend away.

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