Fashion for a cause


A selfless Sydney teen finds a unique way to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation

A 14-year-old with a passion for fashion, planning and executing a flawless show to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, certainly grabs everyone’s attention!

I felt fortunate to attend Pri Kumar’s Charity Fashion show, held recently at the Pennant Hills Community Centre, and make a small contribution to this noble cause. It was an event that was planned and executed with great precision.

To wake up one day with what you think is a brilliant idea is not uncommon for a 14-year-old, but to actually see it come to fruition involves effort, planning and sacrifice too. That is exactly what Pri Kumar did when she was struck with the idea of organising a charity fashion event.

Pri was attracted to fashion from a young age, and using her entrepreneurial skills she has even designed and published her own fashion magazine in the past. She managed to sell a few of these for $5 each. This gave her even more conviction that she could put together a fashion event for a good cause and make it a success.

After a good couple of months of research, planning and getting her team of models, makeup artists and impressive performers together, Pri did indeed make the event as close to a professional fashion show as she could. Her excited teenage friends did a great job of walking the catwalk with style and attitude. All the models were only between 13-15 years of age but as an audience you could hardly tell! It was interesting to see a mixture of girls with varied heights and cultural backgrounds, which only made the event richer.

Three rounds of themed outfits were on show and they were creatively put together to say the least! The clothes were certainly both trendy and wearable, and had a great vibe. The last round showcased outfits by Studio Ten, a local boutique that sells celebrity-inspired outfits at an affordable price. Studio Ten were generous in sponsoring the last segment and the outfits were much appreciated.

Some of the other sponsors did a great job too, and Pri made it a point to thank them abundantly for their support. She networked and roped in all the relevant people in a way that is really commendable for a teenager. Pri was also extremely grateful to her parents for their unconditional support and expressed an emotional ‘thank you’ at the end of the event.

The show boasted all the elements of a professional event management production – raffle prizes, designer goodies on sale, impromptu light-hearted stories and well-scheduled performances. The event began on time and was well managed in terms of timing. The venue had been set up well, and decorated with lively pictures that told the story of how the event came about. The turnout was encouraging and Pri could easily take pride in that fact that she managed to raise a decent amount to donate.

It was good to see another teenager who has done herself proud with fundraising, come and narrate her story and spread awareness about leukaemia. It was easy to tell that Pri had the backing of not just her family and friends but also her teachers, acquaintances and all associated with her through this journey.

The willingness this young generation showed, to do something for the underprivileged and less fortunate people of society, was inspiring.