Diwali glitz!

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AMIT DUTT reports from a Springvale celebration

If there was a book on how to organise a perfect Diwali party, the organisers of the one on November 14th at Brothers Banquet hall in Springvale, seemed to have memorised it well. A Diwali Party with something for everyone seemed to be the theme here.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
Organised by Shilpi Mehta, the party was an intimate affair, quite unlike the mammoth parties organised throughout the city for the occasion.
But despite being a cosier event, there was no lack of glitz and glamour and the fun performances associated with the festival.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
Continuing with the trend of glamour that comes with the festival spirit there were Bollywood dance performances, fire dances and an array of awards, from Best Smile to Best Hairdo.
The entertainment seemed to be never ending. If the Jalwa dance group was not on the floor, it was the ecstatic performance of Harshita Sharma on a medley of Bollywood dance numbers or the Kids’ Awards, which made sure that there was not a quiet or a dull moment throughout the evening.
Thanks to the circular sitting arrangement, you were never more than a few feet away from the action middle stage.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
“Diwali is all about spending time with loved ones,” said Shilpi who put the event together.
“So, we wanted to create an event that did just that; from the youngest to the oldest, a big grand family affair, with special arrangements for our seniors.”
Of course, nothing was left to chance and the smiles of all party goers said it loud and clear.
The highlight of the evening without doubt was the fire dance performance by the Jalwa dance group.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
It was non-stop excitement with each dancer taking things to the next level, with stunts cleverly interwoven into their routines. A fabulous highlight to the spectacular Diwali evening.
And which Diwali party, pray tell, is complete without the dancing and the mouthwatering Indian food?
DJ AJ is a veteran with Indian parties in Melbourne and he proved every bit of it. The Indian-Western fusion feeling was kept up all night, and while it was great at getting people on the floor, it was a task to get them off it without overly cajoling.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link
Non-stop music with smooth switchovers made sure the revelers shimmied away, only stopping when the sumptuous feast came on.
This Diwali party will no doubt be one that is remembered for long.
Springvale Diwali.Indian Link

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