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Attn: Mark Zuckerberg Indians all over the world are some of most prolific users of your social media platform, Facebook. However, it has become increasingly apparent to me that the current version of Facebook does...
TrumpKim.Indian Link

An unlikely brotherhood: Trump and Kim

The Presidents of US and North Korea may be sworn enemies, but they have a lot in common.

The hard lives of irony sufferers

When irony is defined as the opposite of wrinkly, writes NURY VITTACHI. Traffic police stopped a friend of mine and asked, "Is this your car, sir?" The driver, a cheery man suffering from advanced irony,...

Despite loss, Indian fans didn’t cross the LoC

Following the Champions Trophy defeat, India’s cricket devotees chose to look back in humour, rather than in anger. HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE writes.

Turning 21

A note from MUM AND DAD to their son on a milestone birthday

Cunning life-hacks to help you survive these difficult days

NURY VITTACHI has some great samples of pure ingenuity from across the globe

Vir Das is ready to get personal

Indian comic Vir Das brings the house down in his debut Australian appearance, writes VIRAT NEHRU

A broad understanding of Vir Das

Ahead of his debut stand-up shows in Australia, Indian comic powerhouse Vir Das spoke with VIRAT NEHRU about the changing perception of comedy in India, tackling difficult issues through jokes and the role of a comic in an increasingly absurd world

Gags galore

PREETI JABBAL reviews the Indian comedians on stage at the MICF

How to survive immigration

Inside secrets are revealed by One Who Integrated Successfully. By KRISHNA NEELAMRAJU