Badshah mood: ARIA red carpet

KASHIF HARRISON is dusting stardust off his (shiny) jacket after his debut reporting gig

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There was shine and sparkle galore. And extreme HEAT! 
The words “I am so sunburnt” sound funny coming from a brown guy… who was apparently wearing a show-stopping sparkle glitter blazer! #DIVA!
There, I said it! Dressed for the red carpet, interviewing a crazy handful of Australian artists at the ARIAs on 28 November, was a dream come true. Some celebs I didn’t know; some I didn’t think I want to know, and some, I wish I was walking the red carpet with! 😍
Check out the video, shot by Sangeetha Gowda, here.
The day started with Gang of Youths straight out of Hunger Games with shades, hair beards and plenty of SWAG! Little did I know they’d win: I didn’t get to interview them!
My next celebrity was, who else, Harry Styles! Naaaah just kidding… my shimmery Zara blazer caught Anthony Callea’s attention, and boy was that a win-win! So he told me why he chose to wear a leather biker jacket with gold rings and sexy Saint Laurent tee….clearly it started with “So there was a disaster with my wardrobe…” But it’s Anthony Callea, #welovehim 🌈 yaaaaas! Even with a thick leather jacket on a hot sunny Tuesday, Anthony slayed it!
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But hang on, who was this Barbie walking up to me? It was Firestarter herself! Yes that is exactly what Samantha Jade looked like, as she told me she has Indian heritage (#MumbaiGirl). So much ARIA love….
Especially from Havana Brown, who hugged me like a bestie.  With her shimmering gold short dress, we totally complimented each other. I’d say #BFFs for sure! This girl knows her Indian food, I’m so impressed: anything but butter chicken for her, thank you – but tomato-based curries only, and the hotter the better. That’s my girl!
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Talking about butter chicken, ARIAs winner, the great Kasey Chambers, shared how much her kids love Indian food and how much she would love to go to India, especially Mumbai. And to that I totally hugged her and went LIVE on Facebook promising her buckets of butter chicken! (What are you waiting for Mumbai – pick up that phone!)
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Among the singers was my favourite Sonia Kruger who totally recognised me – even though I only met her once before at the media LIVE launch event for her hit show The Voice. Looking a total stunner in a baby pink Daniel Avakian, Sonia gave away why her co-host David Campbell couldn’t make it to the ARIAs – it was his wedding anniversary.
Meanwhile, my new found love Vera Blue looked like a golden queen in that matte gold dress! You have got to LOVE HER! As she looked to me for a question, I blabbered something about what would she do if she won, but honestly, I can’t remember her answer because I was truly and still am lost in her stunning beauty 😍
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Finally, here was the man I’d come to see – our man Badshah! The Indian rapper of Abhi to party shuru hui hai fame became the first Indian celebrity to walk the ARIAs red carpet. He shared how much he is enjoying his Oz tour. And since Major Lazor was not enough, Badshah also gave a hint of a new collaboration in the works and it can be with someone from Australia! Let’s hope so.
When asked to choose his favs from Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi and Alia Bhatt, Badshah totally gave his love to Katrina Kaif, singing Kaala Chashma for me! #mademyday 
Next up was more Australian celebs from The Wiggles, looking cute as ever (Pnau who gave me a hug too) giving away their style secrets and inviting me to a cocktail party that night! So glad they won because Australia loves a bit of Chameleon love!! 
My favourite couple Jess and Matt were nothing but love, hugs and cuteness: they won me over with a carol about dogs which is from the Christmas collaboration with their X-Factor coach Chris Isaak’s Chris-Mas album! They adopted me into their group and yes you can catch me at the wedding toasting off to their adorable lovely chemistry! 
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Speaking of love I loved my chat with Sophie Monk. When asked if she would pick something for Stu to colour coordinate, Sophie said “I don’t think Stu’s much of a metrosexual when it comes to dressing, besides he dresses well himself.” Sophie remembered performing at the Bollywood Awards, and back at the office, we dug up a pic of that special moment with Salman Khan. PS: She loved what I was wearing and yes I do have that comment on camera!

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Sophie Monk with Salman Khan

From Polish Club to Illy, Peking Duck to Justice Crew, Client Liaison, I got everyone to share a laugh with me on camera. (Except for Kyle Sandilands, who gave me death looks as I tried to make sense of his girlfriend Imogen Anthony’s knitted dress.) Only regret: I didn’t get to meet Harry Styles… but hey, I walked the red carpet Harry walked, if that means anything to you One Direction fans!
The ARIA experience will surely be one of this year’s highlights for me. A huge thanks and big hugs to my partners-in-crime photographer and videographer Sangeetha Gowda (@sangeethagowda_) and my guide to the Australian celebs and their Instagram followers Maddy May (@maddymay) for enduring the heat with me and for making me look and feel like a star!
Next time though, I’d rather do the ARIA red carpet in the shade. #brownboysgetsunburnttoo

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