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Dr Priya Srinivasan: Welcoming Creative Australia’s Revive policy

  Dr Priya Srinivasan has received the inaugural Impact Award at the Asia Pacific Arts Awards, held by Creative Australia at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre...

The power of prayer: Samooha Mahapooja

  The power of prayer cannot be underestimated, and collective prayer or Samooha Mahapooja has the potential to make one feel positive and transcend worldly...
Manna Dey

Manna Dey: The singer who never got his due

  In his over half-a-century-long Hindi film career, he sang more than a thousand songs, but just three serve to demonstrate his position in the...
Sri Om Care’s Assisted Living; Aged Care

Aged care facility for South Asian seniors gets off the ground

  This week, a 2022 election promise made by Labor towards ethno-specific aged care came to fruition. As the foundation tile was unveiled for Sri Om...
Just Meat; Aarti Tobin

CSIRO’s Aarti Tobin: Innovating the future of protein

  At Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, Dr Aarti Tobin, with her decades of expertise in food technology, stands at the forefront of a revolution. Her...
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