Auntyji: 2 cents on Indian-Oz migrants & slamming desi saas being a tyrant!

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Indian migrant, 34
Dear Auntyji
So you just have read Pawan’s note to the 34-year-old Indian immigrant. How interesting is it that we now have so many Indians in Australia and the average age is 34. It seems like
everywhere I go, I see so many young Indian people, especially young men. It must be that they come here for many things, but mainly professional opportunities. My family too came here many years ago from India and now we consider ourselves Australians.  So what is your rai on Pawan’s note, and do you think he raised good points and good messages to our desi naujawans coming to live in Australia? Would you care to add your message to this mix as well, Auntyji?
Auntyji says
Oh my little gulabo, I am pleased to read about your positive impression of Pawan Bhai’s note. I too was very happy to read his remarks because he offers practical and sensible tips on what young people should do when they come here. Pawan Bhai offers a very encouraging note on assimilation, and mai kyun add karoon unki note par. Unki baton mein ek sachchai hai ki it does not need any polish, nah. His advice was spot on. But agar you insist that I add my do paisa worth ki salah, then I am happy to oblige. Toh here is my advice to the 34-year-old naujawan who lands on our shores. So, aap humare desh ki moti ho, after coming here, make sure you don’t behave in a manner that brings sharam to
our people. For example, summer aa rahi hai. Iss ka mutlab hai ki girls will be working around in short dresses. Un ko ghoor ke mat dekhna. Apne pe kabu karna seekho. Zaleel harkat mat karo. Bas. Itni si salah hai hamari. And jug jug jiyo Pawan Bhai – for offering such wonderful advice to our future leaders.
Mere Naina…
Dear Auntyji
My son married an Italian girl and they have just had my first grandchild – a beautiful little girl called Naina. Now my daughter-in-law Rachel is really nice, but I have noticed that she
is always speaking Italian to Naina who is only 4 months old and mostly cries. Now Auntyji, I have told my son to tell Rachel to speak English to Naina so I can understand what is being said, but Rachel says she wants Naina to learn to speak Italian, and even Hindi. Auntyji, how do I know what zaheerile shubd are ensuing from the mouth of Rachel? What if she is bad mouthing me to my own granddaughter. How do I deal with this?
Auntyji says
Oh you badtehzeeb kal moohi! Sharam nahi hai tujhko, ki you are casting aspersions on your daughter-in-law? You are the worst saas ever and it’s dayan women like you who give all mothers-in-law bad names. Are you really that ignorant, that small minded, that you think that the words of a new mother are sledging you? Is that how you think, you zaleel kalankani? Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself. Here you are with a daughter-in-law who gave her baby a beautiful Hindustani naam, and is encouraging you to speak Hindi to your poti, and you are looking for flaws with this. Why would Rachel waste her time talking rubbish about you? You know, I think aapka mun bahut hi neech hai, and it’s a lost cause for me to try to change your way of thinking. I am disappointed in you. You really need to do some self-analysis to see why you are such a nagin.

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