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New iPhone app to aid heart attack survivors

The app helps patients to keep track of all their medications, including how much to take and at what time. 
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Slow down ageing with right food, ample sleep

A well-balanced diet can provide all the nutrition you need to fuel your daily activities
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Get floral fashion right

Floral designs are making big waves, here are some tips to master this trend
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National Clean Air Program needs transparent action: Greenpeace

The 'Airpocalypse II report' finds that over 80 per cent of cities in India are severely polluted
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Hair for care: Indians raise funds to fight cancer

Parul and Varun Batra of Sydney do their bit for cancer research. NEHA MALUDE reports
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Dog therapy for stressed students

Therapy dog sessions have a measurable, positive effect on the wellbeing of university students.
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Ten tips for reducing your salt intake

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit which are naturally low in salt. Cut back on salty packaged or processed foods such as potato...
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Secrets of the gender pay gap

Does Wonder Woman get paid as much as Thor? Asks NURY VITTACHI
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Time’s up for complacency

It’s important for men to fight structural inequality just as strongly as women, writes ANEETA MENON
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Bhang and Bhang-ra

Letting your inner child go crazy: that’s what Holi is all about! Here are some Holi memories from days past, as told by CHETAN ROY


A win for IFFM

Ready, set, school!