Dress to impress: How to ace your Zoom fashion game

With WFH here to stay, have you got your Zoom style down pat?

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Love or loathe working from home, there’s no escape from virtual meetings. Since last year we’ve all attended countless Zoom meetings, webinars, conferences, online events and perhaps even a job interview or two. (I’ve checked all these categories myself).

Ever noticed that you spend more time looking at yourself than others during virtual sessions, self-critic in overdrive?

If you’ve ever wondered how to dress for a Zoom session, well, consider this your easy-to-use guide from someone who’s learnt a trick or two on Zoom dressing.

Here are some easy tips that work every time.

Work / meetings

Research shows that making the effort to get dressed, even if you are working from home, can trick your brain into being more productive while boosting your self-esteem.

Taking the time to dress well, comb your hair, and wear accessories and light makeup, portrays a good image to your boss and colleagues. Smart casuals are the go-to when it comes to working from home, even if you were used to wearing a suit to the office every single day! Avoid wearing baggy t-shirts or tank tops even if your dress code is relaxed. Remember, what you wear impacts your mood and attitude towards work.

When choosing colours, stick to neutrals, block colours or subtle prints and avoid distractingly loud shades and busy patterns. Stripes are smart but not in the virtual world as they can sometimes cause optical illusions and be a nuisance. What you wear at the bottom does not matter much – but what if you had to get up to grab a report or your charger?!

Planning your outfit the night before will allow you time to choose complementary accessories and give you something to look forward to the next day.

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flatlay clothes
Source: Canva


You want to make that perfect first impression without being physically present in the room. Dressing up head to toe will make you look professional and keen and feel more confident. Avoid solid black and break it up with a soft or lightly printed shirt or blouse inside a black blazer or a black crew neck shirt with a grey suit. Let your personality shine through with something that represents you, like a dainty necklace or a beautiful watch, but nothing too over the top. Make sure you sit in a well-lit spot close to a window or a diffused light source.


If you are presenting online or making a speech, it is important to keep your outfit as free of distraction as possible, so the audience can focus on your face and what you are saying. Avoid busy prints, overly bright colours and accessories that have brand logos. Pale colours may reflect the light well but can make you look dull or boring. A solid shirt or top with minimal accessories is a great choice. Keep your hair slick. Female presenters can wear makeup, especially for the eyes and lips which are the most noticeable features when speaking.

woman in zoom meeting
For presentations, a solid shirt or top with minimal accessories is a great choice. Source: Canva

Social affairs

Now these are occasions where there are literally no limits to what you can pull off, as long as you respect the host’s choice of the theme if there is one! Why not bring out your favourite dress or kurta/lehenga. After all, these clothes have been sitting in your closet patiently, waiting to be worn. Go the extra mile and do your hair and makeup like you would if you were actually going to the event. You will feel the energy levels lift even if you are sitting in your bedroom. Trust me, it will all pay off when you see your ‘Zoomfie’ months down the line and smile at the memories!

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Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
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