Winter fashion: curating the perfect cold weather wardrobe

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As the mercury drops and days shorten, do you think you need that extra bit of motivation to get dressed up each morning? In current times, working from home has been the perfect excuse to stay in your fluffy robe and UGGs… but there’s no better time than now to curate a perfect winter wardrobe.

Here are four things to keep in mind while shopping to create a fabulous and functional winter wardrobe:


Always make sure you take a good look at your winter clothes. I strongly recommend taking every piece of clothing out of your wardrobe to examine it closely and if you haven’t worn it for the last two winters, ask yourself why you are still holding on to it! Do a serious cull and either sell, donate or discard, especially those worn out, tiered looking sweaters and over stretched pullovers.

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Stock up

Be smart when it comes to stocking up during sales. The best value for money pieces to buy are timeless ones like neutral-coloured sweaters and cardigans, black or tan ankle boots, ponte pants and perhaps a luxurious coat.  Stocking up on smart casuals and sporty sweatshirts/ tights will prove to be a great choice too as you will end up reaching out for these on weekends and on work from home days too.

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Basics vs trends

Just because every other person wears a black coat don’t feel compelled to fit in. Invest in clothing that not only flatters you but also expresses your personality. Trends are short lived, and you may never wear the piece again next winter, so be wise about how many trendy pieces you purchase. I like to follow the 80-20 rule, where 80% of your wardrobe has timeless pieces and 20% trendy. If you are a keen trend follower then you may have already bought a ‘shacket’ or ‘mum jeans’ / ‘dad cardigan’. Oversized clothing seems to be the theme lately, but make sure you balance an oversized piece with a fitted one, like a flattering legging pant with an oversized cable knit cardigan.

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Finishing touches

Accessories have the potential to give a basic outfit some character. If you like to play it safe with neutral clothing, you can always add a bright scarf, a cool belt or a beanie to suit the occasion. Also, the beauty of neutral basics is that you can make it look like a completely different outfit by mixing and matching accessories. You could throw on a plaid scarf and wear white sneakers with a camel sweater and jeans or combine the same camel sweater with black jeggings, tall boots and a puffer coat, the outfit possibilities are literally endless! Men can experiment with accessories too, like a cool winter hat, a bright tie or a looped scarf.


  • Take advantage of mid-year sales to buy cool investment pieces that will last you for years to come.
  • Before embarking on an exciting shopping trip, do a gap analysis of items you already have, what you need this winter, and this season’s attention-grabbing trends. Instagram and Pinterest are my greatest sources when it comes to trends and style ideas.
  • There are some fun apps like ClosetSpace and Stylebook that you can use to do a stocktake of your clothes and create outfits.
  • This winter, go the extra mile! Plan your outfit the night before instead of grabbing whatever you see first. Planning not only gives you a boost of confidence but also ensures you get more wear out of the clothes that sit behind on your shelf.

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Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
An architect by training and a fashion blog writer by passion, I equally love my day job of being a mum. I am a shopaholic, bargain hunter and trend spotter. The next best thing to shopping for me is styling or writing and reading all about fashion!

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