Watch: Sydney School students sing the Australian national anthem in Sanskrit

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The students from the Sydney Sanskrit School performed the Australian and Dharawal national anthems in Sanskrit.
Ahead of the second Indian community languages parents and teachers conference in July, here’s a clip of students from the Sydney Sanskrit School performing the Australian and Dharawal national anthems in Sanksrit.
Last year, we at Indian Link were fortunate enough to witness this spectacle in celebration of Australia Day.

The first stanza of the song is a transliteration of the Australian national anthem while the second stanza has been composed to reflect the essence of the national anthem of the Dharawal people (the indigenous tribe of the Campbelltown area).
The Dharawal national anthem has a similar theme to the principles of Sanatana Dharma – the world is one family (Vasudeva Kudumbhakkam) – and aptly represents the multicultural nature of Australia.
School of Vedic Sciences (Australia) pioneered the establishment of the First Community Language Sanskrit School in Australian in 2006.
Since inception the school has lead the way in incorporating Australian teaching methodology in community language learning, composing Australian anthem in Sanskrit, collaborating with the Aboriginal Community to release a bi-lingual sing along CD in Sanskrit and Dharawal (language of Aboriginal Australians in South of Sydney).

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