Unlocking the secrets of happiness

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According to Kailash Beyer, humour and humility, meditation and fitness could be the key to a stress-free life

Kailash Beyer.Indian Link
A resurgent and deepening interest in all aspects of health – mental, physical, spiritual – is currently evident across the globe and clearly seen in the widening, mainstream popularity of hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, the benefits of vegetarian nutrition, fitness regimes and corporate health programs. A response to the worldwide problems of stressful urban lifestyles and a pandemic of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease, health education and wellbeing are now among an incoming tide of awareness in the challenge to seriously confront these issues.
Swiss psychologist Kailash Beyer has been challenging these issues for a long time. Beyer is a very popular and sought after meditation teacher who studied under the late Indian master Sri Chinmoy. He is visiting Australia and New Zealand in November and will come to Perth for two free seminars.  I once attended one of his seminars overseas and came away feeling really inspired about my personal wellbeing and the world in general, perhaps because Beyer has had such an interesting life.
Kailash Beyer.Indian Link
Beyer has been a monk for the past 40 years – he runs marathons, climbs mountains and has been very successful in his business ventures. Kailash Beyer was thinking about healthy diets and lifestyle in the early 1980s when it wasn’t really a social topic. He pioneered the world-famous lemon tree syrup diet long before it was trendy to detox. I’ve tried it. You spend a week or so just consuming the syrup with a combination of lemon and cayenne. After giving up my sweet tooth and junk filled diet for seven days I must admit I felt great.
So did many others and today the product is very successful. Beyer was able to expand under the Madal Bal brand and now employs thousands of people, mainly in the health and service industries. Beyer has opened cafes, health food stores, vegetarian restaurants and gift shops across Europe. Yet, underlying his busy commitments, through meditation he has consciously cultivated the qualities that have built a happy and fulfilling life, full of fitness and balance. His latest activities have included ultra-triathlons and leading a touring a cappella musical group which has performed thousands of songs throughout dozens of countries including Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand and America.
Kailash Beyer.Indian Link
“Kailash is a very knowledgeable and authoritative speaker and immensely popular in Europe,” says Australasian organiser Dr Toshala Elliott. “He combines humour and humility, deep insights into the secrets of happiness and meditation, and spent many years in the company of one of India’s greatest luminaries. This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in advancing further along the road of self-discovery and in leading a happier life. We are hugely fortunate to have such an inspirational and sought after speaker coming this way, and to freely share his insights with us.”
‘The Secrets of Happiness’ seminars will share Kailash Beyer’s knowledge of meditation and other lifestyle positives with anyone keen to explore a spiritually and more balanced life. It should be a very memorable evening.
The free seminars will be in the Boulevard Centre at Floreat Forum on 23 and 24 November at 7.30pm. Organisers require registration on 9242 7304 and encourage those interested to attend both evenings to gain the most benefit.

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