India does not give a ‘straight count’ on COVID-19 deaths: Trump

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United States President Donald Trump has said that India does not give a “straight count” on the COVID-19 deaths.

During the presidential debate on Tuesday night between him and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, the two candidates sparred on the extent of the deaths caused by the pandemic.

Biden remarked that the 200,000 people who died of the coronavirus were 20 per cent of the global death toll of 1 million while the US population is only 4 per cent of the world.

Trump promptly shot back citing COVID related deaths in India among other nations, “When you talk about numbers you know how many people died in China? You know how many people died in Russia? You don’t know how many people died in India. They don’t give you a straight count.”

Trump announced that the pandemic was China’s fault, but Biden tried to deflect China’s role wanting to pin the blame for its ravages on Trump.

The first debate held in Cleveland brought up domestic issues and there were no international questions on the agenda set out Chris Wallace of Fox News, who was the moderator for the debate. The mention of India and the two other countries brought a passing reference to foreign countries.

Earlier in his news conferences, Trump has mentioned India’s record of conducting COVID-19 tests as the second-best in the world behind the US.

Arul Louis, IANS

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