SpiceOxy: SpiceJet launches ventilators

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Further diversifying its business interests, airline major SpiceJet on Monday launched ‘SpiceOxy’ — compact, portable, non-invasive ventilation device, which is an effective solution for patients with mild to moderate breathing issues.


Unsurprisingly, the airline is known for its business diversification. It had earlier entered into fashion retail, merchandise and e-commerce, freight movement, fresh farm produce. Through SpiceJet Technic, it is also vying for a role in the defence sector. It has also emerged as India’s largest cargo company.

Additionally, SpiceJet has also introduced fingertip pulse oximeter, a handy device making it easier for people to measure the oxygen level of the blood.

The non-invasive ventilation device has been designed at SpiceJet’s innovation lab by a team of engineers from SpiceJet Technic.

“I am extremely happy to share that the ‘SpiceOxy’ ventilator and pulse oximeter that we are launching today is proudly ‘Made in India’, designed and manufactured by our talented team of engineers,” Ajay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, SpiceJet was quoted as saying in a statement.

“I am sure that these non-invasive, portable ventilators will greatly help patients with breathing issues and other chronic problems and can be easily used at home and taken along during travel.”

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“The Covid-19 pandemic has seen SpiceJet rise to the occasion and serve our fellow citizens when most wouldn’t venture out of their homes. There was not even a single day during the nationwide lockdown when SpiceJet planes did not take-off. We have flown over one lakh Indians back to their homes and food and medicines and medical equipment to all corners of India and the world helping our country and fellow citizens when they needed it the most.”

According to SpiceJet, the medical device is intended to provide non-invasive ventilator support to treat adult and paediatric patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or respiratory insufficiency.

“Since this device is turbine based and light weight, it is perfect to use at home, in an ambulance, on hilly terrains like army base camps, hospitals, and portable applications such as wheelchairs and gurneys,” the statement said.

“The device can be used effectively for maintaining oxygen levels and ventilation in patients and can be of significant help for symptomatic Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate breathing symptoms to maintain oxygen saturation.”

When SpiceJet launched the ventilators, it ascertained that the device is cost-effective, compact and easy-to-use, “SpiceOxy is high on performance and requires minimal maintenance with good battery back-up”.

“It offers various modes to aid patients with respiratory disorders. It also has a unique filtration circuit to prevent virus spread through aerosolisation. SpiceOxy is extremely effective in augmenting a patient’s breathing by supplying pressurised air through a patient circuit,” the airline’s Chairman mentioned.

“It senses the patient’s breathing behaviour by monitoring airflow in the patient circuit and adjusts its output to assist in inhalation and exhalation. This therapy is known as ‘Bi-level ventilation’.”

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