Spelling fail: To laugh out loud, or ignore?

What to do - or not to do - when you spot a cringeworthy spelling mistake

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Dear Auntyji

Please help with this ongoing problem of mine – which started with a simple spelling fail.

My friend Amal invited me to a party which she threw recently after getting a promotion at work. She organised the whole event, and even ordered a cake – because we all love cake. Now when the cake was delivered on the day of the party, no one noticed the writing on it. Amal had asked for the words “Success for Amal”, and there was also a candle that spelt “celebration”.

Unfortunately, the flowery icing decoration replaced the “m” in Amal’s name with the letter “n”. Now when the cake was wheeled out and I saw it, I pointed it out, and then I laughed uproariously while drawing everyone’s attention to the hilarious spelling fail. Amal was furious – and I don’t know why. It was silly, but it was funny. She has stopped speaking to me and I don’t know how to remediate the situation. I mean, we are all in our late 30s, so what is the big issue here? Why couldn’t we just laugh and move on? Am I wrong here, Auntyji?

Auntyji says 

Have you heard of the phrase “Small things amuse small minds”, you kalankini? Really? This was funny to you? Have you ever stopped to think about why it was so funny to you?

Now, we don’t have any interest in any of your peccadilloes, but the situation demands remediation. You upset your friend by making a mockery of an event that was important to her. You embarrassed her by laughing and pointing out the obvious spelling fail to all. Worse, you laughed and laughed. Kalmouhi. Sharam nahi aayi kya?

Your haha-heehee was grossly misplaced. Your friend took offence. Now you have to suffer for your small mind. Send flowers to Amal as a starting point. Write her an email saying why you were wrong to behave like the behaya that you are. Keep asking for her forgiveness until you get it. A shaitaan like you probably sees nothing wrong with your insensitive behaviour, but the rest of us who live in society prefer to behave with decorum.

And also, we are now thinking certain thoughts about you – and judging you for your affinity for your interesting perspectives.

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