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Complement your dress with the right make up for a stunning look


How often have you bought the perfect dress only to be confused about the right shade of lipstick or eyeshadow to wear with it? Or you have wanted to wear that blue eyeshadow, but don’t know which dress would highlight it best? Worry not, here are some suggestions to pick the right shades for the perfect dress.

It is something we have all experienced at some time or another. Even the ubiquitous little black dress can prove a challenge at times if the makeup doesn’t complement our skin tone. So in keeping with the trends this season, here are some tips for choosing the right shade of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick to match your outfit.

The underlining factor to keep in mind at all times no matter what the trend or the colour of your outfit may be, is that the shade of cosmetic you choose should suit your skin tone. If that doesn’t match, no matter what you wear, the look won’t be right.


When nude is best

When you wear a fiery colour like red or orange, the attention naturally shifts to the outfit. And if it is a killer dress that enhances your best assets, make sure your makeup doesn’t overpower it in any way. Stick to shades of nude and you won’t go wrong. Wear nude lipstick or gloss, use brown or grey eyeliner, and apply a hint of blush from the copper tone family. Even if you don’t apply blush and liner and just go with nude lipstick, you will have cracked it because your dress will do all the talking for you.


Matte it for metallics

Muted metallics are all the rage right now and wearing jewel tones, dulled out versions of copper, bronze, shimmering greys and greens, among others, is in. But you could go really wrong if you don’t check these colours on your face. Whether it is an evening gown or a tube top and a skirt, if there is glitter and glimmer in your outfit, the trick is to keep the shine off your face. First, use a matte finish foundation preferably in powder form, and without any hint of a shine in it. Then use face powder that has a matte finish and do the same with the blush. Give the eyeshadow a miss because most of them come in glittering shades, and just go with mascara and liner in a neutral shade. Use a matte finish lipstick in a bright shade of red or pink, depending on what colour suits you and what shade of dress you are wearing.


Monochrome it at times

If you are wearing a dress in a shade of blue or green that is not metallic in tone, nor is it very bright like the fire colours mentioned above, then the makeup can be in a similar shade, only for the eyes. So, if your dress is a midnight blue, a shade of aqua, green or even purple, you can go to town with your eye makeup for obvious reasons. Firstly, you get some gorgeous shades of eyeshadow in blues, greens, aqua and purple, even with a hint of a shine to them. Since your dress has no bling or glitter, you can bring in that element with your eyeshadow. Only try and choose a shade that complements your dress and skin tone. If you are wearing a belt, ensure the colours don’t clash. If you feel it is too much, just go with eyeliner in a complementary shade and a touch of lipstick in pale pink or peach. The pastel on the lips, the glitter on the eye and a monochromatic colour for the dress will give you an elegant look that is also stunning.


Going for gold

At most Indian weddings, wearing an outfit with lots of gold on it is de rigueur and you can’t escape it. So whether it is a cocktail dress or a lehenga choli that is dominated by golden hues, you must know what to wear on your face so that the overall look is classy. If your outfit is in a dull gold or has antique gold embroidery on it, you are halfway there already, because your ensemble is subtle and not loud. To keep the makeup classy too, go with a colour from the peach/orange family. Most Indian skins can carry off orange lipstick and if you add a touch of nude to it, you get a lovely shade of peachy orange that is understated. If you can carry off a bright orange, even better. But if your lipstick is a bright orange, don’t let the eyeshadow be the same shade, and go easy on the blush. Take a shade of nude eyeshadow and a hint of a blush in a peachy colour to let the lipstick and dress do all the talking.


With these simple tips, you can achieve a stunning look that will certainly have heads turning.

Minnal Khona
Minnal Khona
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