S P Jain among the world’s top 100 Business Schools

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S P Jain continues to inspire and shape the minds of future leaders, writes HANSEN MENEZES

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Leading international publication The Economist released its annual ‘Which MBA? Rankings’ in October, revealing that S P Jain’s full-time MBA program is rated among the world’s top 100.
The annual rankings are based on four categories: new career opportunities, personal development and educational experience, increasing salary and the potential to network.
The Global MBA program at S P Jain School of Global Management (S P Jain) has also received a Global Top Ten ranking by Forbes on its list Best International MBAs One-Year Program rankings (2015-16). For four years in a row, SP Jain has featured on Forbes’ biennial rankings of the world’s top business schools. In 2013-2014, it was ranked #11 in the world. It was also ranked in the Financial Times Top 100 in 2011 and 2012.
S P Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school with campuses in Sydney, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore. Business has gone global, and accordingly business education must go global too.
“What is unique about S P Jain is that for the majority of our programs, students are required to study at three of our campuses,” Trent Pohlmann, Head of Campus at S P Jain School of Global Management, Sydney, told Indian Link. “We don’t just say we’re global; we make it happen through our network of campuses.”
The campuses across the world provide global management exposure and experience which are key requirements for organisations these days as they look to expand across continents. Students are provided with an immersive education program which caters to the globalised economy’s requirements.
S P Jain currently offer courses at the Bachelors and Masters level but have future plans for other programs, including Doctoral studies. Students receive an Australian degree after successful completion of the program. The campuses are modern, colourful, vibrant and technologically advanced.

Trent Pohlmann S P Jain.Indian Link
Trent Pohlmann, Head of Campus at S P Jain School of Global Management, Sydney

Industry relevance

“We offer an industry-relevant curriculum taught predominantly by people who are working professionals in their field,” Pohlmann said. “Students at S P Jain learn from people who work as industry professionals during the day, and teach part-time outside of their working commitments.”
Trent Pohlmann is proud of S P Jain’s philosophy which aims to give students the exact skills they need if they are to find long term success and rewarding jobs. “We engage with companies extensively and have an Industry Advisory Board in each of our host countries. These Boards consist of senior business leaders who highlight to S P Jain the emerging trends and concepts in the corporate world as well as the attributes they are seeking from graduates. Our curriculum is then tailored accordingly.”
Pohlmann says it would be a waste to take students to amazing, diverse countries and lock them in a lecture theatre. “A major part of our model is out-of-class learning, where we take students to companies, parliaments and culturally significant venues in each of our campus countries. Just last month our newest batch of Bachelor of Business Administration students commenced their course in Singapore. They are from 30 different countries!”
Though today we have a globalised economy, there are considerable differences across countries and regions in the way that business is conducted. “Our programs teach students about the nuances of business across various regions,” Pohlmann explained. “This makes them agile and able to work anywhere in the world. As a consequence of our unique model and curriculum, our students get good jobs and earn good salaries.”
He added that as educators, S P Jain aims to do everything possible to make the students extremely competitive in the job market. “This is without a doubt our responsibility as an educational institution. S P Jain increases the competitiveness of its students through an industry-relevant and innovative curriculum, real world and corporate readiness programs, comprehensive out-of-class activities, which we call student life, strong connections with companies and industry, and personalised and individual career assistance and advice for every single one of our students from beginning to end including searching for jobs, through to preparing for interview, to accepting job offers.”
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Executive MBA

S P Jain Sydney has recently launched a new Executive MBA program, an 18-month part-time program held entirely at the campus in Sydney. Pohlmann explained, “The program is suitable for people who are working full-time and who want to complete their MBA through a combination of online study and face-to-face evening classes. It is a great program that really equips graduates to obtain a promotion in their current workplace, pursue a new career, or perhaps move overseas for a better job. Whilst it is conducted entirely in Sydney, our global campus model means that students may still elect to complete some subjects at any of our campuses.

Looking to the future

Pohlmann is very excited with the proactive approach that the institute has implemented in creating a focused roadmap for the future.
Describing S P Jain’s plans for new trending technology, analytics and research, he said, “We are keen to develop new programs and focus on executive education and professional development. One of the new programs we would like to begin in the near future is a doctoral program in business administration. A major part of the doctoral program would be a research thesis, which would strengthen our research and development. That being said, many of S P Jain’s academic staff are avid researchers who are continually publishing new research papers and adding to our world’s body of knowledge. Our Deans consistently reinvigorate our School’s curriculum to tailor to new concepts like social media, mobility and analytics. Another example of a raging topic is ‘Big Data’, for which we are hosting a number of various courses and conferences,” he said.
The school provides professional development which assists people to become more innovative and creative, leading to the development of new products. The S P Jain Innovations and Insights Centre, led by Dr CJ Meadows, offer a ‘Design Thinking for Insight Innovation’ workshop to achieve exactly this.

S P Jain.Indian Link
Nitish Jain, President of S P Jain School of Global Management

Tips for potential students

Make yourself stand out, says Trent Pohlmann, if you are looking to pursue management.
“If you are already working, offer your manager your time to complete projects that wouldn’t normally be your responsibility. These projects will give you good experience outside of your day-to-day job and show commitment to your company. They are your opportunity to demonstrate your ability in transferring your skills to duties outside of your normal scope. Finally, don’t just set the goal of becoming a manager. Set the goal of becoming a leader. The two are not the same, and good leadership – and indeed management in some cases – can be developed outside of the workplace. To be successful, employees need to learn about theoretical and academic concepts, how business happens in other countries and companies, how to work with people from different cultures, and all of the accompanying soft skills. These are best learnt through a good business school.”

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