REVIEW: Sivi 2

The plot of K.R. Senthil Nathan's 'Sivi 2' is enough to get your heart rate racing.

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Director Senthil Nathan’s ‘Sivi 2’ is a reasonably well made Tamil horror flick that manages to win your attention and hold it right till the end.


  • Director: K.R. Senthil Nathan
  • Cast: Yogi, Tej, Swathi, Chaams and Dhadi Balaji
  • Rating: ***1/2

The second film in the ‘Sivi’ franchise, like the first part, is true to the genre of horror. It does not attempt to infuse elements of comedy or romance or drama, as in the case of many other Tamil films. As a result, what you get is an intense story that keeps you on the edge.

The first film in the ‘Sivi’ franchise, which released in 2007, generated quite a bit of interest among audiences then. The film shot to limelight for its plot which had the protagonist, who is shown experiencing severe neck pain, frantically searching for a spirit everywhere.

Eventually, it is disclosed to viewers that that the spirit he had been looking for had been sitting on his shoulders all the while and that is why he has been experiencing pain! Now, after almost 15 years, the same director is back with a second film of the franchise.

It opens with the parents of a group of youngsters filing a missing complaint with the cops. The police begin their search for about eight to 10 of these youngsters who have gone missing.

Using GPS, they track the signal being emitted by the mobiles of the youngsters and reach a long-abandoned hospital sealed by the government. They scan the place clean, but are unable to find any leads and return with some electronic devices.

The cops hand over the electronic devices they found to Khalifa (Chaams), an expert, asking him to unlock the mobile phones and find out any clues that may lead them to the missing youngsters.

Khalifa begins to open each mobile and finds videos of what actually transpired. The videos show Krish (Tej), a money-minded, selfish YouTuber, entering into a deal with two of the missing boys, promising them a hefty sum if they can lead a mission into a building believed to be haunted.

Krish tells the boys to put together a team of youngsters to explore the haunted place. Their exploration of the place will be live telecast, he says and adds that the views that they get will fetch them a fortune. He promises the boys and their friends a share of 10 per cent from the proceeds. What happens when the boys and their friends enter the abandoned hospital is what ‘Sivi 2’ is all about.

The film is a neat, horror flick with a solid script as its backbone. Unlike some other films that depend more on graphics or on scary sounds or loud noises to induce fear, ‘Sivi 2’ depends purely on the merit of its plot to induce the chills. You feel your heartbeat picking up pace as the film progresses.

There are phases when the intensity of the plot drops but these are of short duration. The story picks up pace in the second half and ends with a flourish.

It is comedian Chaams who delivers a killer performance as the tech expert in the film. Director Senthil Nathan showcases a completely new facet of Chaams, casting him in a serious role. The man is just perfect for the role. Serious, observant and inquisitive, he delivers a performance that just lifts the film.

Tej, who plays Krish, also comes up with an impressive performance. He seems to be at ease in the role and plays his part with conviction.

The film has apt background score by Faizal. B.L. Sanjay’s visuals, in some parts, enhance the fear element.


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