Decisions on Kashmir unconstitutional, says Punjab CM

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Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday flayed the manner in which the Centre imposed its decision on Kashmir, saying the democratic fabric of the nation had been ripped apart with this unprecedented violation of the constitutional norms.
“It is a dark day for Indian democracy,” said Amarinder Singh, adding that the Constitution of India had been rewritten without following any legal provisions.
Such a historic decision should not have been taken and pushed through in this arbitrary manner, he said.
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This will set a bad precedent as it would mean that the Centre could reorganise any state in the country by simply imposing President’s rule, the Chief Minister said, adding that the constitutional provisions had been abused as never before.
None of the stakeholders were taken into confidence, and there was no discussion with other political parties preceding the unilateral decision of the Central government, the Chief Minister pointed out.
The BJP is using its brute majority to bulldoze democratic and constitutional norms, the Chief Minister said in a statement.

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None of the stakeholders were taken into confidence, and there was no discussion with other political parties, said Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. (Photo: Indian Express)

No effort was made to evolve a consensus on this vital matter of national security and concern, said Amarinder Singh, asserting that given the sensitivity of the Kashmir issue, any decision should have been taken after following due process of democratic and legal norms.
Even the Presidential order reorganising Jammu and Kashmir and scrapping Article 370 had effectively bypassed the parliamentary requirement of a two-thirds majority through a constitutional amendment, he pointed out.
Dubbing the Centre’s act of putting political leaders in Kashmir under house arrest ahead of the announcement as despotic, he said the voice of the people had been completely suppressed, which could have serious negative repercussions for India.

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