On 11th day, Singhu protest site turns into ‘Mini Punjab’

Free medical camps and langar have also become a part of this protest.

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The agitation of the farmers from Haryana and Punjab at Singhu border, demanding the withdrawal of the newly passed farm laws by the Central government, entered its 11th day on Sunday, 6 Dec.

The protesting farmers reached the Singhu Border on November 26 and since then, the protest is growing each day. By Sunday, the protest site seemed to be a ‘mini Pind’ (village).

Though the number of protesting farmers is increasing day by day, no one is going hungry as many Langars are keeping the people full.

In fact, dry fruits like almonds and raisins which are considered as a luxury in almost all small and middle class homes, is being distributed free to all.

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Many groups like DSGMC, United Sikh, Khalsa Aid are organising Langar services. Numerous medical camps are taking care of the health of the protesting farmers and those who are visiting the protest site.

While the tractors and trolleys have become the temporary homes of the protesters, all their daily items are either available with them in large quantities or they are being offered by various groups who are providing free service and becoming a part of this protest.

Kamaljeet Singh, a farmer from Punjab’s Gurudaspur, along with his men is continuously providing tea to the protesters along with other food items.

“Our Sikh brothers from across the globe are providing us with all kinds of help to carry out the Langars until our demands are met. We are the sons of Waheguru and wherever the Khalsa goes, the place becomes a town and Langar is our integral principle which we follow wherever we go,” he said.

Apart from full meal Langars, dry fruits, hot milk, ‘fruit chaat’ and many dishes and delicacies are being offered in the form of Langar to all those who are visiting the protest site.


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