Lighting up the sky for Diwali

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CIA’s annual celebration grows in performance

A spectacular light show for Diwali, the Festival of Lights – now why hasn’t someone thought of this one before?
At the Deepavali Fair organised by the Council of Indian Australians (CIA), the highlight was surely the amazing light show that lit up the night sky like the northern lights. What a festive Diwali feel!
CIA Diwali.Indian Link
CIA Diwali.Indian Link
The synchronised tunes that accompanied the laser show added to the celebratory atmosphere.
Of course the festive feel was much in evidence throughout the evening as families mingled at Lakes Edge Park, enjoying the offerings of the season.
Cultural shows on centre stage vied for attention with 17-odd stalls, and were able to grab the eyeballs with their interesting diversity: the regular Bollywood stuff interspersed with the likes of Brazilian samba and Chinese dragon dance.
CIA Diwali.Indian Link
CIA Diwali.Indian Link
CIA Diwali.Indian Link
The stalls though managed fairly well on their own, offering an array of services. The property, builders and real estate services on offer were interesting to note, given the Indian community is warming to The Ponds in increasingly larger numbers as an area to call home.
The dignitaries joined in the festivities with much bonhomie, Councillor Susai Benjamin and Mark Taylor MP for Seven Hills, among others, putting aside political differences to send out their Diwali wishes to the community.
DJ Upkaar was able to relate well to the crowds and we hope to see more of him in the future. Good job, dude!
The food offerings could have been more plentiful though, as the long lines saw a few disgruntled takers, but in the end, everyone seemed to agree, the light show made up for it all!
CIA seems to have risen rather well to the challenge of organising smaller scale Diwali fairs in pockets of the community, enabling the community to celebrate without having to travel far. This time round, numbers were appreciably larger than their event last year, and it looks set to grow in coming times.
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