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Powerlifter Rohit Korlahalli is all set for the Winter Open in June

Rohit Korlahalli has always been the sporty type.
His latest passion is lifting.
Weights, that is.
Rohit Korlahalli.Indian Link
If you thought weightlifting is only for Hulk types with big bulging muscles, with strength to lift weights that seem impossible to the average person, Rohit’s story will surprise you.
The 18-year-old took to competitive powerlifting almost as soon as he was introduced to it. He sailed through the Victorian State Championships, his first competition, after only eight months of training, and is now looking forward to the Winter Open in June.
Powerlifting is a form of competitive weightlifting in which the contestants attempt three types of lifts in a set sequence.
Rohit’s current personal bests are: 232.5kg squat, 125kg bench and 220kg deadlift.
Rohit Korlahalli.Indian Link
After playing eleven years of cricket, three of them with the Fitzroy-Doncaster Cricket Club in the Victorian Premier Cricket, Rohit made up his mind to seek out new challenge. Exploring his options, he attended the Arnold Classic Exhibition. It was here that his interest sparked.
“Seeing ordinary people lift extraordinary weights mesmerised me,” Rohit told Indian Link. “I felt as though I was among superheroes.”
Joining the gym, a new goal in sight, Rohit began his journey into this amazing sport.
Rohit’s training schedule is an intense 12-week session before he can move up to a higher weight. This 12-week training schedule includes a 6-day week regime where his strength is peaked in a linear fashion. After every 12 weeks, Rohit’s coach Daniel America designs a new training schedule.
Of course the young athlete is complementing this gruelling schedule with a soecific diet – made up of adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Does he ever get tired?
“Not so far, no! My ultimate goal and the excitement of just progressing to a higher weight keep me going.  Every single kilo is a victory.”
Wanting to become one of the strongest people in the world is no small mountain to climb. It takes blood, sweat and tears, all of which Rohit is prepared to give. Anything less and it’s a see you later, alligator.
Rohit Korlahalli.Indian Link
As tough as it may be, Rohit is determined to get where he wants to go.
“If you don’t have goals that challenge you, why bother?” he said with determination.
Rohit’s lofty aim requires complete dedication. The future is evolving, as is this sport, testing the strength and dedication of many an athlete.
The young man is balancing his powerlifting commitments with those at uni; he is currently studying Commerce at Deakin College and hopes to become an economic consultant or stockbroker.
But at this point in time, the focus is on improving his strength for the Winter Open.
We wish him all the best!

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