International Astrology Day: 12 funny tweets on loving horoscopes

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Whether you read your horoscope every day or avoid it like the plague, we all know at least one person particularly invested in their zodiac sign predictions.

You know, that one friend who’s prone to saying things like “you’re such a Libra!” at peculiar instances or “don’t be such a Pisces” on moody days.

Maybe there’s an art to this, maybe it’s just fun. Either way, 20 March marks International Astrology Day, so we figured: why not toast these unique individuals in our lives?

Though sometimes they take things a little too seriously…

When that happens, you really can’t help but poke a little fun.

But all jokes aside, did a good horoscope ever hurt anyone?

PS: In case we’ve piqued your interest, have you checked out your March horoscope yet?

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