Indian Link’s Diwali Art Contest 2022: Winners

Indian Link’s Diwali Art Contest for kids became all about spring flowers this year

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9-year-old Chinmay Vanarse of Jordan Springs NSW has won Indian Link’s Diwali Art Contest for Kids this year in his age category (8 – 12), colouring in a specified mandala.

Chinmay is usually making his own Diwali cards at this time of year, with his older sister. It is an annual family tradition. This year, he might want to stop doing that – he’s getting a bundle of professionally designed cards to give away. With his artwork on it.

Six-year-old Aria Bansal of Kellyville Ridge NSW won in her category, 7 years and below.

Aria Bansal is the winner in Indian Link's Diwali art contest 2022 (7 years and under category)
Aria Bansal, age 6

Arya Goudar, 5, of Blacktown NSW and Kushagra Ahuja 8, of Toongabbie NSW, have been announced as runners-up in their age groups.

Aria and Chinmay take home book vouchers valued at $75 each, and Arya and Kushagra receive $50 vouchers each.

Chinmay’s submission is marked with a gentleness of colour and technique that gives it all a breezy lightness. It’s spring, it seems to be exclaiming, and is perfect for the season in which we are lucky as Australians to be celebrating Diwali.

With its carefully picked colours and neatness in execution, it uplifts and calms, and as such, has a mandala-like quality.

“I did discuss with my sister possible colour combinations,” he admitted to Indian Link.

The young artist, a Year 4 student at Jordan Springs Public School, has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember, under the supervision of his mum and older sister.

“These days I learn from YouTube, but I have been going to art classes,” he revealed. “Right now I’m doing portraits with textas. I am drawing characters from Naruto, a Japanese manga series I am reading.”

Aria Bansal’s work with its exuberance of colour and beautiful shading defies her tender age.

“I did it all by myself,” the winner in the younger kids’ category declared. “Then I showed it to Mum and she said, amazing, beautiful!”

The Year 1 student at Kellyville Ridge Public School makes art frequently. “I like to draw Pokemon and then take photos of my drawing,” she revealed, adding, “but if you like flowers I can colour in some more for you.”


The eleventh iteration of Indian Link’s Diwali Art Contest saw 128 submissions from across the country. Numbers this year did not match the record entries last year, which were high due to lockdown conditions.

However, the mandalas this time round are particularly pleasing. The floral theme provided much scope for colour and the kids seem to have grabbed the opportunity. The finished mandalas resembled floral arrangements viewed from above – or Onam flower carpets – as our office desks disappeared under them.

We thank the kids for the beautiful ‘bouquets’ that appeared in our post box through the course of this competition.

Meanwhile, both Chinmaya and Aria are looking forward to celebrating Diwali shortly.

“What do I like about Diwali? I like the sweets we get to eat, and the sparklers, and people coming over to our house,” Chinmay said.

Aria said, “I will light the candles and lanterns with Mum and then eat some sweets.”

The colouring-in activity is aimed at the youngest members of our community to include them in the spirit of Diwali in a manner that resonates with them.

Perhaps this year they also learned to slow down and smell the flowers as they filled their mandalas in with colour.


Rajni Anand Luthra
Rajni Anand Luthra
Rajni is the Editor of Indian Link.

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