When Chai Met Toast: Multilingual musical magic comes to Aus

Indian Band When Chai Met Toast tours Australia spreading musical joy with their fusion of English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi melodies.

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In a world where music knows no boundaries, the band When Chai Met Toast (WCMT) is breaking new ground with their multilingual melodies. With their upcoming tour to Australia, the band is all set to enchant audiences with their unique blend of English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi songs.

As they gear up for their tour to Australia, the band is excited to explore the diverse landscapes and vibrant music scene of the country. While their main focus will be on their performances in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, the band plans to make the most of their time in Australia by immersing themselves in the local culture and soaking in the sounds of the land down under.

Ahead of their tour, all four members of the band — Ashwin Gopakumar (Vocalist), Achyuth Jaigopal (Guitarist), Palee Francis (Keyboard), and Pai Sailesh (Drummer) joined Indian Link for a quick chat.


“We are stoked to be performing in Australia, and we are looking forward to meeting our listeners who have liked and supported our music,” said guitarist Achyuth Jaigopal.

Formed in 2016, When Chai Met Toast is a band that is known for its versatile music and soulful lyrics. With over 25 songs in their repertoire, including two EPs and an album, the band has carved a niche for themselves in the Indian music industry.

Their fresh approach to song writing and their ability to connect with listeners on a personal level have made them one of the most streamed English bands in India. Despite the pressure to constantly deliver quality music, the band stays true to their roots and creates songs that are honest expressions of their experiences.

The process isn’t without its challenges; there’s often intense pressure as the band debates what direction to take, and what their listeners want to listen to. Consequently, WCMT finds themselves refining and iterating, sometimes creating three distinct versions of a song before selecting the one they believe embodies their vision most effectively.

“There’s nothing quite like the pressure we feel when striving to deliver our best to our listeners, whether it’s just one song or a collection of ten,” quips Palee Francis.

“Ultimately, we aim to remain authentic, staying true to ourselves and the music we create,” Achyut adds.  “We strive to release songs that resonate with us deeply, reflecting our genuine emotions and experiences. Each song serves as an honest expression of the life we’re living at that moment, capturing the essence of our journey. In the end, it’s all about staying true to our essence.”

One of the most captivating aspects of When Chai Met Toast’s music is its multilingual nature. Drawing inspiration from their diverse linguistic backgrounds, the band seamlessly incorporates English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi in their songs. This unique fusion has resonated with audiences and set them apart from other artists in the industry.

Lead vocalist Ashwin Gopakumar explains, “Any Indian who has grown up in the past few decades knows multiple tongues. Among them, English stands out as widely spoken, perhaps the most common language of communication among Indians, today. In our music, we aim to reflect this linguistic diversity. Our intention is to create art that transcends language barriers, ensuring every listener feels included and understood.”

With languages comes exploration for WCMT, and travel plays a significant role in their creative process, with new experiences and sounds from different locations serving as inspiration for their music. Whether it’s recording sounds from a soundcheck in Gangtok or creating acoustic versions of their songs in the wilderness, When Chai Met Toast’s music surely reflects their love for nature and exploration.

“Perhaps Kerala is the key. We are from Kerala, and we have grown up with beautiful nature around us. Maybe that’s why we love natural locations, and it gets the best out of us,” says Pai Sailesh, while others agree.

While the band is primarily into independent music, they have also ventured into the Bollywood music scene with songs featured in various projects. Their upcoming song for the Bollywood project Do Aur Do Pyaar is set to release in March. “There are other projects, and we are open to Bollywood collaborations, provided they come for our sound,” Achyut shares.

As they prepare to take the stage in Australia starting today When Chai Met Toast is looking to perform for a whole new audience Down Under.

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