How to heal dry hands

Excessive washing of hands during this period is leading to dry, scratchy and rough skin

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heal dry hands

With the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, we are correctly washing our hands more than we have ever done. As per the guidelines from CDC and WHO, washing our hands is the most effective way towards contending the spread of the virus.

However, this excessive washing of hands is leading to dry, scratchy, rough skin. In addition, lack of hydration can result in micro-breaks or tears and if we are not careful and could become the major source of entry for microorganisms disposing us to infection and disease.

Dr. Aparna Santhanam, Skincare Expert Consultant, shares a few tips to help protect and heal dry skin at the same time to fend off viruses and bacteria.

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in lukewarm water. Wash every part of your hands, including between your fingertips and in and around your nails.
  • It is recommended to wash your hands for 20 seconds or till the count of 24 or for the duration it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice!
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel but leave some moistness on them which will in turn help retain the moisture on application of a product.
  • Use a hand sanitiser which contains at least 60 percent alcohol to kill germs, when unable to wash with soap and water.
  • As hand sanitisers can be very drying, apply a pea-sized amount of moisturising and restoring Hand Cream onto your hands, soon after applying hand sanitiser. Make sure you hydrate your fingertips and nails.  Always use a hand cream that contains mineral oil and is fragrance free. Such moisturisers tend to feel less irritating and are absorbed quickly, relieving dry, chapped skin.

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