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The inauguration of the first Global Organisation for Divinity Australia Namadwaar in Australia in November was a grand occasion. DINESH RAMAN reports

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Global Organisation for Divinity Australia (G.O.D.), a spiritual organisation known for its sustained efforts in promoting universal peace and harmony through inner fulfilment, has been working for years to bring a Namadwaar, or centre for spiritual education and prayer, to Sydney.
Located in Winston Hills, the Namadwaar (the Sanskrit word which translates as ‘door to divinity’) aims to centralise Global Organisation for Divinity Australia’s services for engagement with the wider public and to achieve higher community participation.
The inaugural function on Sunday 8 November coincided with the birth anniversary date of the spiritual master Sri Muralidhara Swamiji of Chennai, India.
G.O.D’s vision, purpose and approach are built on Swamiji’s teachings.
Consecration of the presiding deities Sri Madhuri Saki and Sri Premika Varadhan was performed by Sri Bhagyaji, the senior disciple of Swamiji who had flown in for this specific purpose.
It was a very traditional function and the deities were invoked in their new residence amidst chanting of key verses from the scriptures and devotional music.
Global Organisation for Divinity.Indian Link
The participants numbered over 150 with many from G.O.D’s interstate and overseas wings.
In his videoed message of benevolence, Sri Muralidhara Swamiji applauded the launching of the first Namadwaar in Australia.
“It will be a huge service to posterity and all prayers will be positively answered in the centre,” he said.
As a special tribute and with respect to their spiritual master, the youth wing of G.O.D released a music album titled aptly Anugraham – By his grace, a fine blend of Indian and Western music. The rendering of the Mahamanta was absolutely melodious.
In the evening, G.O.D Australia hosted a function to introduce the Namadwaar venture to an audience of around 130 people, including dignitaries from either side of the Australian political landscape and guests of honour from a wide cross-section of the community.
Minister for Corrections, Emergency Services and Veterans Affairs David Elliott commended the Namadwaar effort.
“Such unifying initiatives will no doubt benefit the community,” he said. “The Hills District will very much benefit from such efforts.”
Federal Member for Parramatta Julie Owens, congratulated the members of the Global Organisation for Divinity Australia for their efforts and recollected her participation in their previous events, especially on World Peace Day at Parramatta Town Hall where a special mass prayer was held on the occasion. She urged the organisation to continue their efforts.
Member for Seven Hills Mark Taylor, Daniel Mookhey MLC, Parramatta City Councillor Shahadat Chowdhury and Blacktown City Councillor Susai Benjamin were the other speakers.
Global Organisation for Divinity Australia thanked all those who lent their support for the Namadwaar project over the years in many different ways.
Prominent teachers of music and dance who devoted their time to help raise funds on various occasions were called to the stage and honoured.
The organisation promised to connect with the new community and begin its offerings to the public within a short time.
Global Organisation for Divinity Australia Namadwaar is located at 44 Oakes Road, Winston Hills.

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