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Fitness is trending like any other fashion that everyone wants to follow. But there are many misconceptions around fitness. For some, a skinny person is fit, for some a person with six pack abs is fit while for some a person who does exercise daily is fit. But, what exactly is fitness? A fit person is the one who can rely on his/her body to perform when need arises, can resist fatigue, feels energised and active all day and also, has glowing skin and positive outlook in life. Fit people generally have heart and lung endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and a particular ratio of fat to lean mass in the body.

Many have turned into fitness enthusiasts today and are looking for the best path to lasting fitness. But what is the best out of all? Is it a crash diet, a crash course on fast abs, cardio training or a healthy diet combined with a brisk walk? No method out of all these is alone enough to be qualified for the best fitness solution.
Experts say crossfit has proven to be superior to others and helped people achieve an ideal fitness level. He explains:

What is crossfit?

Crossfit builds functional fitness, a commonly used term by gyms and fitness studios these days. But, most of them usually don’t know what functional fitness is and how to achieve it. Crossfit’s primary aim is to develop your core strength which is the foundation of functional ability. It moves to another level only when you have built a good amount of overall body strength and stability.

With a good core strength, you can lift objects easily and bend over without any scope of back pain.

Crossfit does not focus on physical strength alone. It helps you build mental strength and stability as well. How? The workouts at crossfit are physically and mentally challenging. People who have been associated with Crossfit have experienced a better performance and focus at work. This is because of the unique workouts at Crossfit that teach them how to make it through challenges.

What makes crossfit the best fitness solution?

The fitness programme of crossfit is a blend of three forms of fitness: metabolic conditioning (cardio), gymnastics and weight lifting. Metabolic conditioning prevents the chance of a chronic disease by boosting the intensity and strengthening your heart. Gymnastics helps you understand how to move your body without any resistance except your own body and also, stay flexible and coordinated. Weight lifting is the best method to increase your muscle strength and bone density. It makes your joints more stable by improving muscle tissue and joint mobility.  In addition to this, every crossfit gym builds a cohesive community that champions everyone’s progress in fitness.

The supportive environment at crossfit is ideal for long term health benefits such as decreased cholesterol, increased metabolism, decreased blood sugar and blood pressure and increased HDL cholesterol. The workout cycle is designed to give your body a positive hormone response including increased production of testosterone in men and normal hormone cycles in women.

Crossfit is breaking the age barriers as people of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens are actively getting involved to stay fit.


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