Police arrest two men connected with drug deliveries to Australia

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Following the arrest of a Chennai resident last week for attempting to ship 10.2 kg of cocaine to Sydney, Chandigarh Police have arrested two men connected to the drug racket.

On 13 May, S Ashfaq Rehman was nabbed while trying to ship a consignment of cocaine valued at around Rs 100 crore to Australia through a courier company. The drugs were uncovered in a consignment of wooden trays and crockery upon a routine check by courier company staff.

While in police custody, Rehman has disclosed the identities of two accomplices: 41-year-old Vijay Kumar and 28-year-old N Jaffer Shariff. The men were arrested in Chennai and brought to Chandigarh for questioning.

The police have informed the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) of a consignment containing more than 150kgs of drugs that was sent to Australia last month.

“Investigations have pointed out that in April, the accused had succeeded in shipping a big consignment of drugs to Australia through Fedex company. The drugs were concealed in medical equipment in six cartons weighing more than 150kg,” said Kuldeep Singh Chahal, senior superintendent of police, Chandigarh, was quoted as saying.

The NCB are working to track the consignment, which is believed to be in transit and can be intercepted.

Investigations remain underway.

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