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Clinical Nurse Specialist at Armadale Health Service wins Excellence in Registered Nursing

Elsie Joseph, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Armadale Health Service, has won the Excellence in Registered Nursing award for this year. This is one of the highest honours in the Nursing and Midwifery industry in WA, a prestigious achievement indeed! Her win was for establishing the hospital’s Intravascular Service and introducing innovation in practice which aims at best patient outcomes.
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The awards ceremony was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on 7 May. The Category winners were chosen from 34 finalists across WA’s public and private health sectors. Health Minister John Day congratulated the winners and thanked them for their constant commitment to driving innovation within their professions.
“I am very proud of the service I developed for the hospital as it delivers high standard of care to our patients in a timely manner. I felt very honoured receiving the award”, Elsie told Indian Link. “I acknowledge and appreciate all the support I received from my management team and Armadale Health Service staff to achieve this award. This gives me more confidence in taking further challenges in my career and to make a positive difference in people’s life.”
Elsie Joseph.Indian Link
Elise Joseph was trained in India and has been nursing in Australia since 1992. She has done research on PICC line insertion and also set up the Intravascular Service at Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital. A PICC line stands for peripherally inserted central catheter. It is a form of intravenous access that can be established and used for an extended period of time for administration of medicines and other substances that should not be administered peripherally.
“Before I started the service this wasn’t happening at this hospital and the patients would have to go to Fremantle and sometimes they had to wait for a week and it would cause a lot of problems,” explained Elsie. “Now it can be done at the bedside.”
Elsie Joseph.Indian Link
The innovation in the procedure boasts of opportune treatment and zero infection rates.
Her contribution is remarkable. Many applauses for the lady, she’s made the community proud!

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