$20 a month for a verified blue tick on Twitter? Here’s what users have to say

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In case you missed it, initial reports from Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter this week revealed he has dissolved the board of directors (including CEO Parag Agrawal and head of legal, policy and safety Vijaya Gadde) to become its sole director, and is considering a first round of layoffs that could affect a quarter of the staff after months of back and forth over the $44 billion deal.

He is also reportedly planning to implement a $20 charge per month for Twitter users to keep their blue tick, an indication of a verified account.

As reported by numerous platforms like The Guardian, The Verge, and Forbes, the Tesla chief executive will give verified Twitter users 90 days to sign up to Twitter Blue, shelling out a monthly fee for the blue tick, or risk losing it.

Understandably, the implications of this move have many concerned about the spread of disinformation on the platform.

It has even been called a money grab, an unnecessary move intended to increase Twitter’s revenue.

By most projections, the platform could see up to $100 million in potential revenue from the platform’s over 400,000 verified accounts should everyone sign up to the service.

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Bring on the memes

But in true Twitter fashion, the bizarre announcement has also brought out a fair share of memes and quips. From journalists to media personalities, many are weighing in on the decision.

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