Meet the Aussie couple behind THAT London Thumakda video

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Aussie couple Alice Dixon and Michael Falk have had a very strange 24 hours since a video surfaced on the internet showing their Bollywood-inspired bridal dance

London Thumakda.Indian Link
From The Indian Express to Scoop Whoop, DNA India and IBN Live, the couple have gone viral. Dancing to ‘London Thumakda’, a popular song from the Kangana Ranaut film Queen, the pair have been incorrectly identified as UK couple Dave and Carol to millions of viewers.
“If only we knew who Carol and Dave were!” Michael jokes in this exclusive with Indian Link. “Bollywood is something we share, which is a little tradition for us. That’s why we chose to dance to ‘London Thumakda’. We also liked that we could include more people in it. And since we were moving to England straight after our wedding, it suited us very well!”
The young Australian couple were married six months ago at a country venue outside their hometown of Sydney and are now living in the UK. Both confess they “love” India with both having visited the country for holidays. Though Michael has never before had a brush with Bollywood, “Alice and a friend of hers were extras in Any Body Can Dance 2,” he says.

Further explaining their unusual choice of bridal dance, Michael says, “We try to watch a Bollywood movie every week or two, either at home or in the cinema. I tend to like the classics, while Alice prefers the new ones.
He says they love whatever Bollywood films they watch, “Especially when the movie is set somewhere we know, like Dil Chahta Hai, set in Sydney, Salaam Namaste, in Melbourne, or Khabi Kushi Khabi Gham, set in Kent!”
The pair were taught their ‘London Thumakda’ routine by Vivienne Cabraja of Mango Dance Studios. “She’s a hoot,” Michael says, “She also did a great hen’s night class for Alice.” Indeed Alice added an Indian touch to her wedding gown by adding a dhupatta to complement her enviable thumkas, choreographed to match the song lyrics.
When asked about their family’s reaction to the dance, Michael reveals, “I think everyone loved the dance on the night. I’m not sure if anyone was surprised, Alice’s Bollywood obsession is quite well known.”
Both Alice and Michael have enjoyed the international reaction, “It’s obviously been really positive! Just give us a trillion more views, and we’ll top ‘Gangnam Style’,” Michael jokes. “We posted the video on YouTube a few days after the wedding, so it isn’t surprising that it’s now been found.”

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