Solomon Islands.Indian Link

Golden islands

Solomon Islands still have their fabled gold reserve, but their unspoilt sights are far more precious, writes SANDIP HOR

The town that built Sydney

Cruising through the Central Tablelands of NSW. EMIE ROY writes.

Japanese odyssey

Rich history blends beautifully with modernism, and a bit of whimsy, across the country. PETRA O’NEILL writes.
North Vietnam.IndianLink

Northern delights

North Vietnam charms its visitors with history, colonial architecture and awe-inspiring natural sights

Aching for Nepal

Leading a group of students to Nepal - a year after its devastating earthquake - is a teaching experience of a completely different sort, writes ASHA CHAND
Parineeti.Indian Link

Parineeti Chopra is a ‘Friend of Australia’

Tourism Australia has appointed bubbly Indian actor Parineeti Chopra as an Indian Ambassador in its 'Friend of Australia' (FOA) advocacy panel. With her huge social media presence as well as her persona as a youth...
Yatra Foundation.Indianlink

Yatra to a better tomorrow

With its Bollywood theme and altruistic intent, the recently held Yatra Foundation annual fundraiser delivered some serious fun. A crowd of about 340 arrived at the St Kilda Town Hall, bedecked in vibrant Indian wear...
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Lost in Tokyo

It was while gazing up at the Park Hyatt hotel, where the film Lost in Translation was set, that I realised how very different life is in Japan. Exiting Shinjuku’s railway station, I was...

How to boost India, Oz tourism

The average Australian travel agent doesn’t know much beyond the Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle to sell to an Aussie wanting to travel to India. Indian tourists are nearly falling over themselves to...

Royal treat: Visit these heritage stays in India

Ahead of Independence Day, Indian Link brings you India that is off the usual tourist map, and away from the beaten track HERITAGE STAYS IN INDIA Khatu Haveli Just half a km off the main East-West artery of Jaipur...