Crazy rides: Try these biking and motorcycling routes in India

Ahead of Independence Day, Indian Link brings you India that is off the usual tourist map, and away from the beaten track CYCLING AND BIKING Tour of Nilgiris: This much loved 1000-odd-km cycling tour of Nilgiris - covering...

Our India adventure

Four weeks in India and JUDY WILLIAMS can’t wait to be back India, its people, history, colour, serenity, food and culture have long held a fascination for me and two other like-minded mature age Australian...

Midnight in Paris

A river cruise on the Seine was the perfect way to be charmed in the city of romance It was almost midnight as we boarded the river cruise. There was a mild chill in the...
Taipei.Indian Link

Chiang Kai-Shek’s hideout

With its particular blend of ancient and modern, Taipei has earned its place as one of the ‘Four Asian Tigers’, writes SANDIP HOR It’s not the world’s tallest building anymore, but Taipei 101 is still...

Sydney to Melbourne by boat

A short cruise makes for a perfect birthday present for Mum, writes PETRA O’NEILL.

How travel broadens your mind

Backpacking around the world gives one traveller an insight into his own culture. FRANKEY GERARD FERNANDES writes.

The heart of India

Unravel the rich history of India’s landlocked Madhya Pradesh, writes SANDIP HOR

16,000 kms in a crappy car

A team from Australia is set to take part in this year’s Mongol Rally

Walking across the world

Arjun Bhogal has trekked across cities, jungles, deserts and mountains on his five-year Borderwalk. He has also been robbed, threatened and kidnapped. But, he tells KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR, the experience has been life-changing.

Long ride on my motorbike

A young couple take a motorbike ride from their home in Oz to their home in India, writes FRANKEY G. FERNANDES