Dispelling myths through art

The play directed by B Jayashree portrays progressive destruction of the myths deeply embedded in the lives of people in an Indian village.

Simryn Gill: Weaving emotion out of words

Simryn Gill’s oft-dizzying works of art call attention to a subject that’s a perpetual source of debate the world over.

From Dungeons & Dragons to contemporary art

An avid fan of pop culture, Roy's work is a monument to his lifelong love and passion for the tabletop role-playing game of Dungeons And Dragons. BY MITAL PAREKH

Sydney Biennale: Seeking perfection in the rubble

Delhi artist Tanya Goel’s works at the Sydney Biennale are a psychosocial comment on the nature and effect of urban landscapes. By HAMIDA PARKAR

Sydney Biennale: Prabhavati Meppayil finds new meaning in tradition

In the Bangalore-based artist’s installation, intricately placed traditional artisan tools are the focal point. BY HAMIDA PARKAR
Play.Indian Link

Storytellers sans borders

A new playwriting project tells poignant, cross-cultural stories of love against the backdrop of migration, by HAMIDA PARKAR
Higuita.Indian Link

Higuita: A goal keeper’s solitude

A multi-lingual play tells the story of a priest who seeks inspiration from a legendary football goalie to fight evil. EMIE ROY writes

The New and Improved Gandhi?

The new digital exhibition shows Gandhi in all his ‘Mahatma’ glory and captures the icon, but not the man himself.

The darkness of consumerism, as imagined by NS Harsha

Mysore artist NS Harsha makes a bold statement at the Biennale of Sydney, writes HAMIDA PARKAR.

How classical guitarist Alan Posselt became a sitarist

Alan Posselt talks about discovering a 'strange instrument' that forever changed the trajectory of his musical career