Mohanlal Mania in Sydney

The southern superstar captures hearts with earnest performance in Australia

Surgeon wields the palette knife

For Dr Sam Gue, picking up a paintbrush comes as naturally as picking up a surgical instrument
Sanidhya dance.Indian Link

For mum plus more

In what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening, the young Sanidya Kumar danced with enthusiasm and confidence.
Forgotten VIVID.Indian Link

VIVID Sydney: remembering the Forgotten

A floral tribute to a lost generation at VIVID Sydney 2018, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA.

Dispelling myths through art

The play directed by B Jayashree portrays progressive destruction of the myths deeply embedded in the lives of people in an Indian village.

Simryn Gill: Weaving emotion out of words

Simryn Gill’s oft-dizzying works of art call attention to a subject that’s a perpetual source of debate the world over.

From Dungeons & Dragons to contemporary art

An avid fan of pop culture, Roy's work is a monument to his lifelong love and passion for the tabletop role-playing game of Dungeons And Dragons. BY MITAL PAREKH

Sydney Biennale: Seeking perfection in the rubble

Delhi artist Tanya Goel’s works at the Sydney Biennale are a psychosocial comment on the nature and effect of urban landscapes. By HAMIDA PARKAR

Sydney Biennale: Prabhavati Meppayil finds new meaning in tradition

In the Bangalore-based artist’s installation, intricately placed traditional artisan tools are the focal point. BY HAMIDA PARKAR
Play.Indian Link

Storytellers sans borders

A new playwriting project tells poignant, cross-cultural stories of love against the backdrop of migration, by HAMIDA PARKAR