Uma Vincent: My mum in her own words

Comedian, MC and TV Producer Aarti Vincent is interviewed by her 11-year-old daughter, Uma Vincent.

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Our Mother’s Day series ‘My Mum in her own words’ pays tribute to our mothers, showcasing the intergenerational bond between mother and child. Here 11-year-old Uma Vincent sits down with her mother Aarti Vincent, Melbourne-based comedian, MC and TV Producer.

Uma Vincent: What was it like when I was a baby?

Aarti Vincent: I loved it when you were born. I thought you were the prettiest little baby in this world. And I held you, you were so beautiful. And I loved every moment of it. In fact, I loved it a bit too much.

You were always smiling, and I thought, I’ll always make sure my daughter’s happy. I’m so happy you’re my daughter and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Uma Vincent: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of being a mummy?

Aarti Vincent: When you look at me; you’re happy and you look at me, you give me a smile. You give me a hug. When I come back home, I think that’s my favourite part. I feel loved by you. You show me that you’re happy to see me.

I like all parts of being a mother, but I find it overwhelming to think I’m responsible for your life. But when I let go of that feeling, I feel good – I’m like, you know what, we’re all here on a journey, and I’m not responsible for your life, I’m just contributing to whatever I can in my best way.


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Uma Vincent: Before when you were living in India you did lots of TV producing – did you meet anyone famous? Was it scary?

Aarti Vincent: As a TV producer in Delhi, I met a lot of people. I started my career working with Siddharth Basu. He himself is very iconic and he was like the iconic quizmaster of India. I don’t think you would understand what a quiz master is these days, but it was a big thing back then.

I worked on a chat show/talk show with Vir Sanghvi. He was again an iconic journalist. That’s also dying these days; people don’t know what journalism is, you know, it’s just sad. It’s a shame.

Mum and daughter fun. (Source: Supplied)
Mum and daughter fun. (Source: Supplied)

Anyway, through that show, I met a lot of politicians. Pramod Navalkar was one of them and he was an amazing man. Actually, he was a great man. I got to meet a lot of people through that show and through my career I met a lot of people, I got the pleasure of working with Madhu Trehan, who was a visionary lady at the time.

After you meet these people, you realize they are just people. They’re just good at what they do. That’s what’s amazing about them. Otherwise, they’re just human beings like everyone else, you know, and that’s about it.

Uma Vincent: Was it hard to move to Melbourne?

Aarti Vincent: When I moved to Melbourne 17 years ago, it was a bit lonely and isolating. I’m very lucky that I got a job, in what I do, advertising as a TV producer. I think if I hadn’t gotten that job, I would have definitely moved back to Delhi. I wouldn’t have stayed here. I couldn’t have stayed here, to be honest. It’s thanks to all the friends that I’ve made with the job.


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Being a mother also got me more friends – you know, your friend’s mothers. Some of them are good friends of mine. Not all of them. And also being a comedian got me more friends. I think friends are very important.

Uma Vincent: Do you like Melbourne or Delhi more?

Aarti Vincent: I think right now I’m sailing in two boats, you know. One foot is in Delhi. My other foot is in Melbourne. I don’t know how I’m managing it because I love both the cities.

I do miss the luxuries of living in Delhi. You know, having house help and all that, and I love doing comedy here. I guess that’s what I got from this city. I love my friends here. Life is good.


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Uma Vincent: You did a show called ‘I didn’t grow up doing yoga’. What do you want me to grow up doing?

Aarti Vincent: Hmmm…yoga? Just joking!

I think just be active, stay active, as you grow older. Just stay active, it’s so easy for people your age to get into the trap of video games, video chats, social media. Just give a limit to that and stay as active as you can. That’s the key to happiness.

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