Who’s Got The Look

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The past few weeks have seen many celebs flaunt their style sense – or the lack of it


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Sania Mirza sported a Marks & Spencer fitted dress at a recent brand launch. Tight curls usually look outdated, but Sania worked the look. We like the sheath dress on her and the fact that she kept it simple with nude pumps and minimal make-up.
Shraddha Kapoor
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Shraddha Kapoor looked ethereal in this Fendi halter neck maxi dress. Even though there is an overdose of print on the dress, Shraddha carried it off really well. Hair tied back in a ponytail sans any jewellery was the way to go!
Kareena Kapoor
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For some this might be a miss, but we found this Ankita Choksey dress on Kareena quite cute and edgy. Maybe it was the comfort factor drawn in with those converse that really pulled the look together. The colour could have been quite stark on anyone else but not our bebo!
Raveena Tandon
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Raveena looks ravishing (cliché but true) in this suit by label Jade. The colour is gorgeous on any skin tone, we highly recommend it. Side swept hair was a safe bet. With the suit being so voluminous, we would have loved to see a side braid or messy low bun!
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Shooting a promo for a dance reality show this month, Sonakshi wore a Gauri and Nainika gown in all its glory. For some, it might be too plain Jane, but we love the silhouette on the actress, who has lost oodles of weight and isn’t shying away from flaunting it.



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Just because you have a great figure doesn’t guarantee a smash look! The top, by Indian label SR Store, looks frumpy and doesn’t accentuate Shilpa’s features. The colour, the overdose of ruffles and the tie-knot is a lot to take in. If it was paired with a pencil skirt, it might have been a different story. Again, might have been…
Tamanah Bhatia
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We were on the fence about this dress. In theory, the colours, the snakeskin pattern and the length are a great combination to create and edgy dress for a night out. But somehow it didn’t translate on Tamanah. Maybe better hair would have notched up this look.

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No, no, Dino… No! Hawaiian printed shirt with torn denim teamed with blue and red runners tell us three different stories. There’s no coherence. If he wore that shirt with some drawstring shorts, or alternatively teamed a v-neck plain tee with those torn jeans, we would have a winner. But right now, it’s just a confused mess

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The brilliant performer didn’t perform too well on her fashion score card. We love her from the neck up, but neck down, ummm… The more we look at it the more we don’t like it. It’s not so much that we dislike the kurta but what it has been teamed with. Palazzos or culotte-style pants would have looked better.

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Vidya is usually a winner in her saris but this white sari doesn’t do anything for the actress. The draping adds volume to her body and the colour washes her out. Generally, Vidya rocks the darker shades much better than lighter tones. The blouse wasn’t a good choice either. A brocade silk blouse would have looked much better.


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