‘Where are you going to go, India?’: QLD Premier shuts down reporters

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Defending her hard border stance in a press conference this morning, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has criticised the Federal Government’s plan to restart international travel by sarcastically asking reporters: “Where are you going to go? Are you going to go to India?”

Understandably, her insensitive comments have left members of the Indian-Australian community, many of whom lost family and friends in the devastating Delta wave in India earlier this year, upset and offended. (At the time, she had also voiced her support on halting flights from India, even for Australian citizens and residents.)

The Premier also singled out Japan, stating “In Tokyo, you have to sit in Perspex screens with masks on and if you remove your mask you can’t talk while you’re chewing.”

The state has reported no new cases today and the Premier insisted that opening up state borders would mean a step backwards.

“If we get a Delta outbreak here, we’ll all be in lockdown and no business will be operating. Do you want that?” she added.

It didn’t take long for social media users to point out that reopening international borders isn’t simply for vacations, but a way to unite loved ones after nearly 2 years of border closures. Many called for the Premier to publicly apologise for her harsh statements.

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