WATCH: Usha Jey’s fusion of hip-hop and bharatnatyam is winning hearts

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Do the words ‘hybrid bharatham’ sound familiar? The brainchild of Paris-based dancer Usha Jey, it’s a unique fusion of hip-hop and bharatnatyam that’s taking social media by storm.

“I call this #HybridBharatham and this is my way of switching between Hip-Hop and Bharathanatyam, 2 dances that I love, learn and respect. My aim is to keep the essence of each dance and create something that do justice to who I am,” explained 25-year-old Usha on Instagram.

Her first video of hybrid bharatham first went up in 2020 and since then, it’s been winning hearts.

Check out her latest video, the fifth in the series of the unique fusion dance, here:


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Since it first went online on 21 May, the video’s received an amazing response, garnering shares and retweets from celebrities like Padma Lakshmi and New York Times journalist Shefali Kulkarni.

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