UK’s critical December elections throw up a Gujarati link

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UK’s critical December 12 elections have thrown up an Indian link. Indian origin Tamkeen Shaikh, born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and a staunch Brexit supporter has been selected as the Conservative Party candidate representing the Barking constituency. 

Tamkeen, who worked as a journalist in India before moving to the UK, took to Twitter to confirm her candidacy. “Delighted to be selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for Barking. Hard work begins now! #BlueBarking.” 

Tamkeen Shaikh and Boris Johnson

The mother of two, and a supporter of Prime Minister Boris Johnson left India 14 years ago to pursue Masters in Media and Management in the UK. She now works in the education sector.

“I have joined politics, particularly the Conservative Party, because it is the best way to contribute to society as the party believes in creating opportunities for business and innovation. The UK Parliament is pushing for a 50:50 representation of men and women and is encouraging more women to get involved in politics. If I get elected I will try to draw more investments into schools, social enterprises, youth engagement, build family homes and care for the elderly,” she said.

Tamkeen adds that “like the majority of Barking residents, I voted ‘Leave’ and I want to get Brexit done.”

“You only have to look at the epidemic of fly-tipping, the state of Barking Station and the terrible condition of our high streets to know that the Labour Party is failing us. I live in Barking, and my children go to a local school. So, I understand the needs of the local people,” she said.

 “I want to see a thriving high street that will benefit social enterprises, small businesses, provide jobs for residents. I represent the people of Barking, and I will get Brexit done.”

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